Wages. Who are the highest paid CAC 40 bosses in 2022?

Wages.  Who are the highest paid CAC 40 bosses in 2022?

In the short term, it is falling: the average remuneration of managers of the 40 largest companies listed on the Paris Stock Exchange (CAC 40) fell by 15% in 2022 compared to the previous year. An “illusory” decline, because 2021 had been exceptional due to the super bonus of Carlos Tavares (Stellantis). Compared to 2019, the increase is 29%, notes Jehanne Leroy of the Proxinvest firm, whose mission is to advise shareholders.

In the lead Bernard Charlès: 33 million!

This average stands at 6.7 million euros for the directors of the CAC 40, at 4.2 million euros for those of the SBF 120 (the 120 largest companies on the stock market). The best paid is the CEO of Dassault Systèmes, Bernard Charlès, with 33 million euros in 2022. He is followed by Daniel Julien (Teleperformance, 19.7 million), Carlos Tavarès (Stellantis, 19.6 million), Philippe Guillemot (Vallourec, 15 million) and François-Henri Pinault (Kering, 13.7 million). Note the disappearance of stock options in employer remuneration in favor of free shares, with a double advantage: they are less taxed and independent of the company’s results.

These multiplications of millions quickly lose any connection with the reality of the employee. More concretely, the average remuneration of 6.7 million represents 299 Smic, and it is equal to 89 times the average remuneration of employees of CAC 40 companies. This last figure measures the “equity ratio”, a measure imposed by law 2019 pact: it was still 72 in 2014, but since then, Proxinvest calculates, the average remuneration of managers has increased twice as fast as that of their employees (62% compared to 31%).

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