Warning to consumers about “exorbitant prices and openly sold products” during holiday shopping

Warning to consumers about “exorbitant prices and openly sold products” during holiday shopping


Levent Küçük, Chairman of the Consumers Association, said that many grievances may occur before the holiday.

Stating that familiar and well-known places should be preferred when purchasing products such as food, nuts and baklava, especially holiday candies and chocolate, Küçük said, “In these purchases, especially the expiration date should be paid attention to. Because, considering the intensity that will be experienced before the holiday, some malicious sellers may sell the products they have left.” “They can put products on the market under the ‘cheap product’ trump card and endanger public health.” he said.

He also stated that it is important to pay attention to small, openly sold food products, and that it is important for the consumer to choose safe products, not sugar or chocolate spilled on the counter, otherwise health problems may occur.

“Prefer well-known companies for holiday reservations”

Küçük said that since the Eid holiday is 9 days, plans such as holidays and visiting relatives have increased, and emphasized that well-known companies should be preferred for both holiday reservations and transportation.

Küçük stated that there has been a trend towards bungalow type holidays and tent holidays, especially in recent years, and continued as follows:

“Since it is a newly accelerating sector, these services are generally provided by individual businesses or individuals. Since it is an area that is not very institutionalized, it is also open to abuse. Therefore, citizens should trust reliable people and reliable companies. When sending a deposit for reservations There must be a contract. EFT or money transfer must be made to the bank information of the people and companies with whom you have a contract. The name with which the contract is made and the name to which the money is sent must be the same. You must take precautions to avoid any surprises when you go and to be able to claim your rights if you do. Such reservations must be made from corporate companies.

Beware of fake websites, a lot of victimization can occur here. There are many complaints about transportation. Sometimes we may encounter a situation where the same ticket is sold to more than one person, so in such cases, the consumer must document this. Let him take his photo and keep a report so that he can apply to the Consumer Arbitration Committee in case of possible victimization. Consumers who think they have been victimized must have evidence. For this reason, they must receive an invoice for all their purchases. Because you cannot apply to the Consumer Arbitration Committee without an invoice.”

“Pay attention to price lists in holiday areas”

Reminding that consumers who choose holiday regions to spend the holiday are obliged to put the price lists of restaurants, cafes and patisseries at the entrance doors and on the tables, Küçük said, “In the holiday regions and tourism regions we visit, care should be taken to have price lists, especially at the door and at the tables where service is received. The price of the things that the consumer will eat and drink there should be kept in mind.” “They need to see what will happen. If not, they should file a complaint about it. Exorbitant prices may be encountered due to the holiday season. There may be people trying to sell a product worth 50 lira for 100 lira.” said.


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