What is happening with Princess Leonor’s sought-after coin? New release dates and limited units emerge

What is happening with Princess Leonor’s sought-after coin?  New release dates and limited units emerge

With the celebration of Princess Leonor’s 18th birthday, and the oath to the Constitution, the National Mint and Stamp Factory (FNMT) issued a coin with the face of the first-born of the kingsheir to the Crown and future queen of Spain, who sold out soon.

The figure of Leonor has had such a media impact in recent times that the 40 euro collector’s coin, which was launched with a first run of 300,000 units, to commemorate his coming of age, sold out in record time. All because “many families want to give it away,” he said. Isabel Valldecabrespresident-general director of the FNMT-CM, to which she added that in Spain a phenomenon is being experienced that she called ‘Leonormania’.

The sought-after piece, which pays tribute to Princess Leonor, is of complete interest to the universe of numismatics. This is because, among other circumstances, it is a limited edition. A copy that, with the passage of time, could increase in value because the maximum print run is also one million units.

As established in the same Official State Gazette (BOE), Princess Leonor’s coin would be available until the end of the year. However, given the circumstances and the acceptance of the piece, “It is possible that this period could be extended.”

Given the ‘Leonormania’, the FNMT-CM has released a statement in which it emphasizes that the currency “is temporarily not available due to high demand which has far exceeded our expectations.” After remembering that it can be obtained in branches of the Bank of Spain, in the FNMT, and in collaborating entities, they emphasize that “we hope to be able to offer the currency again at the end of this year “.

How to get Leonor’s piece

Once delivered, “the coins will be available to the public, for which there will be the collaboration of credit institutionsof the National Mint and Stamp Factory-Real Casa de la Moneda and other public and private entities”.

These copies with Leonor’s face will remain in the Bank of Spain, and it will be the one to deliver them to those interested. For this process, it will be necessary request them again with the financial institutions first to request the collector coin. In addition, the Factory will deliver the document that must later be presented to the Bank of Spain for the delivery of the parts. It is not done directly with the Bank of Spain.

Piece value

The face value of Princess Leonor’s coin is 40 euros. This is the value that has been assigned by the printing house, in this case, the Royal Mint – or National Mint and Stamp Factory -, but its real value is “symbolic”; That is, you cannot pay anything (neither 40 euros nor less) with this currency.

Both the Bank of Spain and the Factory itself and the designated public and private credit institutions that can distribute this currency can sell it “for the same face value with which they were issued”, that is, Officially, its sale price will be 40 euros.

Part details

The specimen will be composed of 925 thousandths silver, the rest being copper. It weighs 18 grams and has a diameter of 33 millimeters, with a circular shape with a smooth edge. On the obverse, the effigy of the Princess of Asturias is reproduced, while at the top appears the legend “FELIPE VI KING OF SPAIN” and the year of minting 2023, separated by a hyphen.

At the bottom of the piece, in a circular sense and in capital letters, appears the legend “PRINCESS LEONORE”. Both texts appear separated by an interpretation of the Victory Cross. A pearl pattern surrounds the motifs and legends of this new coin.

For its part, on the reverse the Coat of Arms of the Princess of Asturias is reproduced in color. On the right appears the face value (40 EURO) and, within a circle, in the form of a quadruple latent image, the Victory Cross, the Mint mark, a royal crown and the number 23 appear. The Mint mark appears at the bottom of the piece. “Surrounding the central area, in a descending circular direction and in capital letters, appears the legend ’18TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE PRINCESS OF ASTURIAS'”.

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