What new clothing brands will appear in Russia

What new clothing brands will appear in Russia


Since the beginning of 2024, six new international brands have come to Russia. These are mainly manufacturers of electronics and clothing, writes the specialized magazine Shopper’s. In total, 23 brands from Iran, China, Kazakhstan, South Korea, the UAE, Turkey and Italy are preparing to enter Russia this year. Details from Ekaterina Vikhareva.

In Moscow alone, since the beginning of the year, five new outlets of foreign brands from Turkey, South Korea, China, Italy and Armenia have opened in large shopping centers. These include clothing, household goods, sporting goods, shoes and cosmetics. According to market participants, this is not enough for the first quarter. But opening a location in a new country is a labor-intensive process that takes at least a year.

In addition, traditionally, the main market entries of international brands occur at the end of the third and beginning of the fourth quarters. Regarding the quality of new players, for example, Rinascimento is a well-known premium clothing brand in Italy. Now, after several years of discussions, their first store has opened in the Evropeisky shopping center, says Marina Malakhatko, head of the Core.XP retail department:

“It’s like a private manufacture. It belongs to the large Terranova group from Italy. The brand itself took several approaches to entering Russia. Here I would say that this is a planned exit. Taking into account the fact that the Terranova group, in principle, believes that now is a very convenient time to enter the Russian market, taking into account the fact that many sites have become available, so they decided to speed up the entry of Rinascimento into Russia. As for Turkish Chakra, it’s a good mid-range brand. Both brands are good and attractive, each in its own segment.”

In total, in 2024, according to specialized media, 23 new foreign companies may appear in Russia. Most are clothing manufacturers. As market participants interviewed by Kommersant FM note, if at least half of them manage to gain a foothold, this will already be a success. At the same time, a significant presence in the market should also be expected from regional brands; the trend for them continues to grow. And also brands from Turkey and China, continues Sergei Vikulin, director of the Raschini fashion house:

“First of all, of course, we must wait for the influx of Turkish companies. In the 2000s, they actively tried to do business in Moscow, but, unfortunately, could not withstand the competition with Europeans. I am sure that, at least in the next year, we will see at least five to seven, or even a dozen good Turkish brands. China is still cautious, but it is already clear that large Chinese companies in Russia have the same scale as global companies, and they are also entering slowly.”

In addition to clothing, technology manufacturing companies are also entering the Russian market. For example, a mono-brand Tecno store opened in Kaliningrad. For the first time, its devices appeared in domestic stores in 2022. Before this, it was mostly represented on the African market. Tecno has a wide range of devices at different price points. Moreover, Russians quickly became loyal to the new brand and choose it precisely because of the prices, says Wylsacom blogger Valentin Petukhov:

“Despite the fact that the Tecno brand is new for the Russian-speaking user, it has existed for quite a long time. In general, there is a whole echelon of so-called B-brands or devices that, well, are not so well known as a brand, but are often in demand for a particular model. I think that such devices may reach us in one form or another.”

In 2022, according to Nikoliers estimates, about 45 different brands announced their intention to enter the Russian market. Most of them have not opened retail outlets yet.

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