What will retirement be like for housewives?

What will retirement be like for housewives?

The new omnibus bill, which concerns millions of people, is preparing to come to the agenda of the parliament. Among the notable headlines of the omnibus bill proposal was the possibility of retirement for housewives.

According to TRT Haber, an insurance system will be put into effect for housewives who do not have any social security and do not have any premiums. Housewives will be provided with social security through an optional insurance system.


The support to be activated with the establishment of the Family and Youth Bank will constitute one third of the insurance premiums. According to the current minimum wage, this amount reaches 1,430 lira per month.

The state will cover one-third of the premiums to be paid each month. Thus, housewives will be able to retire earlier by paying less premium.


Housewives will also be able to benefit from social security and health services free of charge. When Bağ-Kur and SSK premiums are equalized, the partial retirement requirement of 5,400 days can be withdrawn up to 4,500 days.

In the second step, early retirement opportunities will be activated depending on the number of children. In the third step, there will be a wear and tear regulation for working mothers. The last step will be about birth debt.

The omnibus bill is expected to be presented to the Parliament shortly.

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