Why it matters. When will you receive the next energy check?

Why it matters.  When will you receive the next energy check?


This is news that will delight many French people impacted by soaring energy costs: the campaign to send energy checks for the year 2024 begins this Tuesday, April 2. By the end of the month, nearly 5.6 million households will benefit from this aid, which allows them to pay their gas or electricity bills.

But this system, reserved for the most modest, can also be used to buy heating equipment (wood, fuel oil, LPG, etc.) or to finance certain energy renovation work. Since this year, it is even possible to pay rental charges including energy costs in social housing with this check.

Up to 277 euros

To benefit from it, you must be part of the least advantaged 20% of French households. In other words: having a reference tax income (RFR), in this case that of 2021, not exceeding a certain threshold.

The latter depends on the composition of the household (see table below). It is based on these two criteria that the amount of aid is set, which can range from 48 to 277 euros.

Some have the right to it but won’t touch it (right away)

The government offers an online simulator to test eligibility for the system. Please note: this year, due to a hiccup from the tax administration, certain people who would have been entitled to the energy check for the first time may not receive it automatically. To touch it, they will have to make a claim on a platform which will be set up “by this summer”, indicates the Ministry ofEeconomy.

As for the French who already received a check last year, they will receive the one for 2024 by mail this month, unless they have chosen to automatically pre-allocate to their energy supplier. In this case, they “will be informed by email or post of their benefit from the 2024 energy check between April 3 and April 23,” specifies Bercy.

Shipments spread out over time

Not all checks will arrive in mailboxes at the same time. The sending date depends on the recipient’s department of residence (see map below). While some will receive a check this weekend, others will have to wait until the end of the month.

Eligible households will have until March 31, 2025 to use the 2024 energy check. In this period ripe for cyberattacks and data leaks, the government is warning against cold calling linked to the energy check. “Any request of this type must be refused,” warns Bercy, who recalls that the administration never asks for the bank details of beneficiaries by telephone.

For more information, contact 0 805 204 805 (Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., free service and call).


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