Winning two awards at the Industry Summit, Liske Barbecue Supply Chain continues to empower the catering industry

Winning two awards at the Industry Summit, Liske Barbecue Supply Chain continues to empower the catering industry


From March 27th to 28th, the “2024 China Catering Industry Summit” co-sponsored by China Broadcasting Network, Red Food Network and Liangzhilong China Food E-commerce Festival was held in Wuhan. At the important event of the summit – the “4th China Catering Industry Red Bull Awards” awards ceremony, Liske, a catering supply chain brand focusing on the barbecue track, took home two extremely valuable awards: Liske Steel Brazed Fresh Meat Mutton kebabs won the “2024 Catering Supply Chain Gold Product” award, and Liske Barbecue Supply Chain won the “2024 Catering Industry Influential Enterprise” award, becoming a rather eye-catching scenery at the ceremony that day.

“Evolution·Breakthrough”, as reflected in the theme of this summit, can win the first place among many brands. In addition to covering all subdivisions of the catering industry up and down the chain and making outstanding contributions, gold-quality products must also have a reputation, It has performed well in terms of sales, innovation and sustainability, and is an excellent product with hard power and high reputation that has been tested by the market. Lisike has obviously achieved both “fish” and “bear’s paw”.

Improving the supply chain construction will make it a necessary means to build a high brand moat; through the optimization and improvement of the supply chain, it will bring great empowerment to traditional catering. Lisike has always focused on this and is committed to building a comprehensive barbecue supply chain platform integrating the production and supply of barbecue products.

To this end, Lisike Barbecue Supply Chain took the lead in opening its factory in 2020, relying on the efficient collaboration of professional R&D, production, quality control and other teams to provide customers with a one-stop service integrating R&D, training, processing, distribution, and barbecue equipment. Barbecue category supply chain services continue to meet the industry’s “standardization, simplification, customization, and speed” needs.

Leisike has spent more than ten years and the experience of three factories to develop the company into a company with a factory building of 20,000 square meters, a laboratory of more than 300 square meters, a R&D team with more than 20 years of experience, and a leader in double-spiral quick freezing ≤ -40℃ technology. Enterprise, the daily production capacity has exceeded more than 1 million strings.

So far, Lisike Barbecue Supply Chain has successfully provided product research and development, process customization and supply services for many leading domestic catering chain brands, and has reached in-depth cooperation with hundreds of large leading catering chain brands and large supermarket complexes. , Lisike continues to use higher industry standards and product quality to provide assistance for the development and expansion of catering chain brands. Adhering to the principle of “conducive to the development of the industry, thinking about creating a better future, and having customers all over the world”!

This award is not only recognition of the past efforts of Liske Barbecue Supply Chain, but also a spur for its future development. Next, Lisike will continue to create cost-effective products, provide ultimate services, take product quality as the lifeline of the company, and customer satisfaction as the ultimate goal, and continue to leverage its advantages in quality, supply chain, cost and food safety. , build a more diversified industry ecology and achieve win-win cooperation with more brands.


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