Winter holidays for 6 out of 10 Italians. One in 5 prefers them to summer ones. More culture than snow: climate change is already here

Winter holidays for 6 out of 10 Italians. One in 5 prefers them to summer ones.  More culture than snow: climate change is already here

Italians seem to really appreciate them winter holidays. The 59 percent of compatriots do themIndeed, almost one in five prefers them to summer ones. However, breaks dedicated to cultural experiences prevail, compared to the type of seasonal leisure, the snow holiday.

What – for better or for worse – could be yet another sign of a principle of adaptation of the holiday style to climate change emerges from a study carried out by Skyscanner in France, Italy, Netherlands And Spain. The survey shows that, overall, more than half of European respondents (52%) said they go on holiday in winter at least once a year.

Better than summer for 1 in 5

As mentioned, Italians are seven percentage points above the average, while 19 percent even prefer the winter break to the traditional summer holiday for various reasons, including lower costs. In this regard, the majority (77%) expect to spend the same amount, if not more, on their holidays in 2024 compared to the previous year.

Where Italians go against the grain is in the “non-seasonal” choice of type of leisure. In fact, the winter holidays are the winners among travelers from the Bel Paese in the name of cultureonly 29% of Italians who regularly take a winter break intend to practice snow sports, unlike the 43% of European travelers who say they dedicate part of their annual holidays to skiing or snowboarding. In fact, in contrast to the European trend, Italian travelers prefer, even in winter, to dedicate themselves tocultural exploration of cities and villageswith almost half (46%) who choose it as the main activity of their winter holidays (against 39% of Europeans).

For those who would not give up a mountain destination for anything in the world (29%), snow sports remain the main attraction (54%), followed by the typical food of high altitude locations (52%).

The price is the decisive factor

Even for the winter holidays economic convenience remains at the top of the priorities – the factor that most influences the choice of how and where to spend the winter holidays remains the price (60%). In particular, those who decide to take a snow holiday rather than a warm holiday say they perceive the choice as the cheaper option (17%); while those who set out to discover a new destination, perhaps overseas, in a sunny country, justify their choice with a lower expense given the low season (15%).

These percentages increase if young people are considered, with 69% of travelers aged between 18 and 34 choosing winter to visit distant destinations in the hope of saving money, compared to the usually more popular months. Although the increase in the cost of living continues to be a concern for Italians, it is difficult to give up holidays and the majority (77%) still plan to spend the same budget as last year, if not more, on their holidays winter of 2024.

Spontaneous travellers

The trend of spontaneous travel continues: winter holidays are booked at the beginning of the year, without too much advance notice – winter holidays also offer the ideal opportunity to beat the post-Christmas blues. More than a third (38%) prefer to organize at the last minute, rather than book in advance, in the hope of securing the latest offers. It is therefore not surprising that almost half (46%) of Italians plan to leave for their winter holidays at the beginning of the year.

“Whether they are small getaways to explore European cities or long journeys to discover distant destinations and cultures, Italians’ interest in travel is increasing year after year: to date, for example, it has grown by 46% compared to 2023 – commented Stefano Magliettatravel expert at Skyscanner – although ski destinations remain a mainstay for many tourists, the desire to see new cities, challenging the low temperatures or chasing the warm climate, is slowly conquering us Italians too”.

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