M-Zone, as a smart brand specially created for young people, has always been committed to exploring new ways to serve young people through various forms. It is not only a communication brand, but also synonymous with youth, fashion and trend. Since its establishment, M-Zone has always maintained an in-depth understanding and accurate grasp of young people. Through innovative integration and cross-border breakthroughs, it has created one after another personalized, innovative and interesting “turf” for young groups.

  Stars gathered to create an exclusive youth feast

In this season of recovery, M-Zone continues to exert its efforts in the young market, deeply understands the needs of young users, and joins hands with Mango Card to create the “Infinite The enthusiasm of spring!

This M-Zone Mango Card “Infinite , C-block group, Zhang Bichen, Weng Ying (Wan Nida), Hu Haiquan, Zhang Yuan, Tang Shiyi, Twins group, Zhou Yan (Gai), Zhou Bichang, Li Yuchun and other artists and singers, combined with the strongest IP, the gods jointly combined, Together, we will break through the boundaries of music, expand the field of art, and integrate diverse cultures to create the most fashionable, eye-catching, and youthful music experience, and bring unique and exclusive audio-visual rights to users.

Since its release last year, Mango Card has attracted the attention of a large number of young people with its new product model of “content + IP + network + application”, with unlimited traffic, portable love, multiple entertainment resources and full-scenario customization for members. Up to now, the sales volume of M-Zone Mango Card has exceeded 10 million, becoming one of the most popular brand products among young people.

  Pay attention to win gifts and get free admission easily

Are you super excited after seeing the star lineup? As an exclusive territory for young people, Beijing Mobile M-Zone has prepared a variety of ways to obtain admission to the “Infinite X” tour concert, giving users more opportunities to participate in this music journey. .

From now until April 5, just follow Beijing Mobile, Beijing Mobile M-Zone, Beijing Mobile’s official Weibo official channel, or go to the Beijing Mobile campus business hall to participate in the event to win admission to the concert. Yes, you heard it right, it’s that simple! Just move your fingers and you’ll have a chance to get tickets to this youth party. Moreover, the number of admission tickets is limited, first come first served!

Of course, the surprises don’t end there! In addition to participating in the event to win admission, Beijing Mobile has also prepared many exclusive benefits. As long as Beijing Mobile’s invited users participate in the check-in event at the concert event and post in Moments, Douyin, and Xiaomi When self-media such as Red Book publishes event-related content, you can receive an exclusive gift for fans. M-Zone, I have the final say on my territory, come and participate in the activities, and go to this carnival of youth together!

In the future, Beijing Mobile M-Zone will continue to focus on the needs of young users, remain keenly forward-looking and innovative, continue to try more diversified cross-border cooperation in music, hip-hop, basketball, etc., and create more unrestricted lines. A series of online and offline activities help a new generation of young users start a fashionable and interesting new life.

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