With the latest increase, the price of diesel rose to a record level: Citizens revolted!

With the latest increase, the price of diesel rose to a record level: Citizens revolted!

The rain of raises continues. Diesel prices have been increased by 2 lira and 55 kuruş, effective from midnight last night. With the big increase, the liter price of diesel increased to approximately 44.29 TL in Istanbul, while there was no change in the price of gasoline. While prices vary between provinces, districts and dealers, with the latest increase, diesel prices have increased by 19 percent since the beginning of the year.


Fuel price hikes also harassed drivers. Citizens who came to the gas station rebelled against the increased prices with the following words:

Emre Demirsoy: Now these increases are starting to weigh us down. It went from 2.5 lira to 1.5 lira every day, then it reached 45 lira. The year-end target was 50 lira, but now it looks like it will exceed that. We cannot do business. We bought a thousand liras worth of fuel, but we are no longer able to do business. Our prices have increased a lot. Our business has decreased. We want some precautions to be taken. Fuel prices doubled in one year. There is nothing like it in the world. Last year it was 21 lira, now it is 45 lira. It has more than doubled. I hope it gets better and I think we can handle our work more easily. I used to fill the warehouse full, but now we can buy it for a maximum of 1,000 liras or 500 liras. I’m afraid to turn the ignition. When I turn the ignition, it burns 2-3 lira. Its tank is 55 liters and if I fill it full, there will be no money left in my pocket. “We are charging credit cards.”


Hüseyin Kaplan: We could not follow the increases. Raises are coming all the time. I’m even thinking of selling the car, wondering what to do. It made us tired. I’m retired. I’m afraid to turn the ignition. I don’t go out unless it’s urgent. I recently collected receipts. I looked at my receipts, there are strange differences, as if they were receipts from years ago rather than recently.


Erdoğan Haşaş: Fuel price hikes are hurting both companies and drivers in these economic conditions. We don’t want this much increase anymore. In our country, gas comes out in some places and oil comes out in some places. While we are waiting for discounts, we always get increases. We also complain about these. We want some discount on fuel prices. Before, I was getting almost 1,000 lira, 1,500 lira, but now sometimes I don’t even want to drive the car. I’m afraid to turn the ignition. It doesn’t just end with fuel every time we turn the ignition. This has a charger, tires, and wear and tear. They are also an added cost. Expenses have risen. Indeed, fuel price increases are an extreme burden for taxi drivers, bus drivers, minibus drivers, private companies and individuals. The economy cannot be improved by increasing fuel prices. When the fuel price increases, all products increase, which puts us in a difficult situation.


Özcan Yağcı: I say may God give more. We deserve everything. That’s why I’m not sad about the raise, on the contrary, I’m happy. Let it be 70 lira, 80 lira, 90 lira. We extract fuel oil and natural gas, but there are still price hikes.


Ayla Rona: There is a raise, but it doesn’t matter to me. I always buy 200 lira. Like the basic joke. These increases are really sad. It’s not livable. We don’t know what to do. Everything is going up, not just diesel. I’m not afraid when I turn the ignition. I don’t use my vehicle very much. I am retired. I use it when I’m visiting a friend or when something is happening. Everything has become expensive. We make ends meet with the help of children. I have two children, without them I would be in a nursing home. “Before, I was buying fuel for 50 lira, then I was buying 100 lira, then 200, now I bought 400 lira.”


Turgut Sarıkaya: Well, it was not good. Because the nation is crying blood. Even I can’t travel with my car. You know, if you do this, everything goes up. I’m afraid to turn the ignition. You will come and go here, it burns a lot of diesel. It is difficult for employees and those who go to work.


Recep Kul: Country conditions are clear. Citizens cannot make ends meet. A warehouse can only be filled for 1,500 liras. Situation is bad. Minimum wage is below the hunger line. You can’t go out with your car every day. We only go out once a week. I used to use the car every day when I went shopping, now I can go out one day on the weekends. We try not to go out unless necessary. While I used to use one tank per week, I only use two tanks per month. We cut it in half.

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