Why is it so hard to “get a good night’s sleep”?

Recently, the “China Sleep Research Report 2024” (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”) released by Xilinmen and the Academy of Social Sciences pointed out that among the many factors that hinder modern people from “getting a good night’s sleep”, “I am so sleepy, but I can’t bear to sleep”, Mobile phone addiction problems such as “I also want to go to bed early, but my mobile phone won’t let me go” are prominent. Sleep delay caused by excessive use of mobile phones has become an important factor affecting sleep quality.

  cell phone addictionSerious, sleep quality is the worst in the past three years

The report shows that in 2023, the insomnia situation of Chinese residents has improved, but sleep delay is more serious than in 2021 and 2022. 89.6% of the respondents had no insomnia in the past month, which is higher than in 2021 and 2022. In 2023, the general sleep procrastination behavior score was 3.12 points, which was higher than that in 2021 and 2022.

The main reason why sleep procrastination has reached its worst level in three years is mobile phones. With the rapid development of technology, smartphones are highly popular in daily life. While the use of mobile phones helps people expand their social, entertainment and learning methods in multiple dimensions, it also brings about overuse of mobile phones and possible growing mobile phone addiction.

As far as the current social situation is concerned, 40.77% of the respondents surf the Internet for 3 hours or more every day, and 59.23% surf the Internet for less than 3 hours a day. There is still a lot of room for improvement, and attention should be paid to those aged 18 to 30, physical Respondents who are in very unhealthy condition and have an education level of primary school or below.

Mobile phone addiction is an important factor affecting sleep quality. The more severe the mobile phone addiction, the worse the sleep quality. Mobile phone addiction is divided into four dimensions. Among them, the three dimensions of loss of control, withdrawal, and avoidance have the same trend as the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, that is, the higher the score of people on loss of control, withdrawal, and avoidance, the more The higher the score, the higher the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, and the higher the score, the worse the sleep quality.

The report pointed out that people use mobile phones at night and are overly exposed to a large amount of information, which interferes with the sleep preparation process, thus causing sleep procrastination, which has become the main reason for the decline in sleep quality. For younger people, greater phone use before bed was associated with greater fatigue and later wake-up times, and for older people, greater phone use before bed was associated with earlier wake-up times and shorter sleep duration. It can be seen that to improve sleep quality, it is necessary to reduce residents’ mobile phone addiction and improve the bedtime environment.

  Smart mattress helps sleep and realizes “deep sleep dream”

Four ways to improve sleep: changing sleeping habits, changing daily habits, using sleep aid products, and seeking medical treatment have become the main choices for Chinese residents to solve sleep problems. Among them, more people tend to use sleep aid products to improve the environment before going to bed than seeking medical treatment.

In the sleep aid product market, which mainly consists of home sleep aid products, sleep health care products, sleep environment products and AI technology products, Chinese residents have the highest average consumption demand for home sleep aid products.

Specifically, consumers have the greatest demand for the sleep-aid, relaxation and massage function of mattresses, the second is the multi-angle sleeping position function, and the third is the comfortable wake-up function. In fact, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence and the full empowerment of the fields of sleep medicine and sleep health, smart sleep products can already take into account the above three aspects. By monitoring the user’s sleep pattern, they can tailor personalized sleep for the user. It is recommended to formulate targeted treatment plans for sleep problems and provide people with a new way to improve sleep.

As a leading company in technological sleep technology, Xilinmen collaborated with Nobel Prize winner Professor George Smoot to create the iSleep Ai air-assisted sleep mattress, which uses the world’s leading deep sleep technology and combines it with the authoritative Chinese database of the China Institute of Standardization. Human body data and Xilinmen’s years of ergonomics and efficacies accumulation can accurately identify supine and side sleeping states, challenge deep sleep time of up to 37 minutes, and further help “deep sleep dreams”.

It is reported that Xilinmen has used quantitative methods to carry out professional sleep research on the China Sleep Index for the 12th consecutive year, accumulating precious data for studying the sleep status of Chinese people, and also providing important guidance to help deep sleep dreams. For the future, Xilinmen will use artificial intelligence technology to help residents improve their sleep conditions and promote the healthy development of the artificial intelligence sleep aid industry.


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