Xinwang Bank: Make financial knowledge vivid and simple, close to life

Xinwang Bank: Make financial knowledge vivid and simple, close to life


In today’s era of information explosion, the popularization and dissemination of financial knowledge is particularly important. In order to better serve the masses with financial knowledge, Xinwang Bank adheres to the concept of “making financial knowledge visible and accessible everywhere” and has taken multiple measures to carry out a series of financial science popularization activities.

Recently, the 2024 Financial Consumer Protection and Service Innovation themed event hosted by China Banking and Insurance News was held in Beijing. Xinwang Bank won the “Excellent Case of Financial Consumer Rights Protection” for its “Building a Financial Consumer Rights Protection Brand ‘Wangzhouzhi'” project “title. At the event, more than a hundred guests from the three major industry associations, banking, insurance, and trust industries, financial institutions, and consulting agencies gathered together to gather the wisdom and strength of the entire industry to discuss development, and discuss the protection of financial consumer rights and financial issues. Strategies to improve service quality and efficiency.

As a new generation of digitally native bank, Xinwang Bank has always explored extending technological innovation to service innovation. In the field of financial consumer rights protection, Xinwang Bank focuses on the effective protection of consumers’ legitimate rights and interests in advance, and makes financial knowledge vivid and relevant to life through the popularization of financial knowledge with more distinctive and precise touch.

At the beginning of 2023, Xinwang Bank combined the core of “Wang” and the popularization of financial knowledge and launched an independent IP for the protection of financial consumer rights and interests – “Wang Zhouzhi”. To this end, Xinwang Bank has formulated and matched a series of operational measures to deepen and implement the protection of financial consumers’ rights and interests and the promotion and popularization of financial knowledge in novel forms and rich content. At the same time, we give full play to the characteristics and advantages of technology, and strive to create a financial knowledge popularization matrix through online and offline interaction. Through a group of powerful data exchanged with footsteps and footprints, we have embarked on a unique path to popularize financial knowledge. the way.

Since the “Wangzhouzhi” IP has been opened to the general public, before Chengdu ushered in the Universiade, Xinwang Bank carried out the “Financial Knowledge Layout” themed activity, turning a teahouse with strong regional characteristics into a financial knowledge theme, and opening up It echoes the atmosphere of the city that embraces tourists from all over the world.

At the same time, in response to the growing financial consumer group of young students in school, Xinwang Bank jointly launched the 2023 “Health Consumption Concept·Youth with Zero Burden” financial knowledge on campus activities to popularize financial knowledge among students.

Through the implementation of various measures, Xinwang Bank has achieved results in financial science popularization, not only allowing more people to understand basic financial knowledge, but also improving their awareness of financial risk prevention. Looking forward to the future, Xinwang Bank will continue to adhere to its original intention and mission of financial science popularization, continue to innovate science popularization methods, expand the scope of science popularization, strive to benefit more people with financial knowledge, and contribute more to promoting the improvement of financial literacy in the whole society.


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