Zerbinati, the recipe for consumers: smaller portions and vegetable proteins

Zerbinati, the recipe for consumers: smaller portions and vegetable proteins

How is consumer taste changing and how can we meet new flavor needs, even with less time available for food preparation? Try to provide an answer the Zerbinati company of Casale Monferrato which since April 2023 has officially been part of the “Register of historic brands of national interest” with companies that have continuously carried on their brand for more than fifty years. «Today’s consumer – says Simone Zerbinati, general director of the company – is much more attentive to healthy foods with high nutritional values. Compared to the past, he uses more dishes that replace meat, with a low content of saturated fats, but with high nutritional values. For this reason, our company focuses heavily on ready-to-eat soups with a new range of products called “Taste&with balance” capable of satisfying the needs of demanding consumers, but too busy at work or taking care of their children to have enough time available to the preparation of meals”.

In fact, the recent presentation of two new soup recipes by Zerbinati at Bologna Fiere at the Marca salon dedicated to Italian excellence was a successone based on oats with pumpkin, lentils and almonds, the other with wholemeal basmati rice with tomato, chickpeas and broccoli, precious sources of fiber and protein.

Like the other Zerbinati soups already on the market, they are presented in single-portion packs of 300 grams “which go towards the fight against waste – adds Simone Zerbinati – because the consumption of the entire product is encouraged”. Another increasingly popular product are burgers. Also in this case the company has put on the market the Burger’ZZerbinati capable of replacing meat. They are based on quinoa and vegetables, i.e. high in fiber and protein with low saturated fat content, which can be cooked quickly in a pan, microwave or air fryer “and are enjoying widespread success on the market”.

The history of the company

Zerbinati was founded in 1970 in the heart of Monferrato with a first company, created by Ferdinando Zerbinati in Borgo San Martino. Then the development of the company in the industrial area of ​​Casale Monferrato, from which the vehicles destined for large-scale distribution depart every day.

The rise in the 90s with ready-to-eat fruit and vegetable products and the first minestrone soups in tubs, a “ahead of the times” present in the DNA of the family, now in its third generation: Simone, general manager, and brothers Gianluca and Valentina: «In 2023 our turnover was 46 million – concludes Simone Zerbinati – but we will take further steps in inventing new products to satisfy consumer tastes”.

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