Zero-Basic Hanfu Design Practical Class: A Hanfu Classroom Provides a Professional and Systematic Learning Experience

Zero-Basic Hanfu Design Practical Class: A Hanfu Classroom Provides a Professional and Systematic Learning Experience


With the rise of the national trend, Hanfu, as an important carrier of traditional Chinese culture, is gradually entering people’s vision and becoming a unique scenery in the streets and alleys. The Hanfu with wide robes, big sleeves and fluttering sleeves dances in the streets and alleys, like a group of beauties coming from the depths of history, becoming an eye-catching landscape.

However, the quality of Hanfu on the market varies. Although low-end types of Hanfu are affordable, they often lack fine craftsmanship and unique designs; while high-end Hanfu, although exquisite, is expensive and prohibits many Hanfu enthusiasts. In this context, the Yiyi Hanfu Classroom came into being, dedicated to providing systematic and professional Hanfu design courses for Hanfu enthusiasts, so that people with zero basic knowledge can also draw Chinese costumes.

Yiyi Hanfu Classroom has a team of experienced and skilled teachers. They not only have profound theoretical knowledge of Hanfu, but also have rich practical experience. In class, teachers will patiently explain the historical origins, shape characteristics, pattern design and other aspects of Hanfu, and use vivid examples to help students understand and master this knowledge. At the same time, teachers will also provide personalized guidance and suggestions based on the students’ actual situation, so that students can continue to improve in their studies.

In addition to its excellent teaching staff, Yi Hanfu Classroom also focuses on practical teaching. During the course, students will have the opportunity to draw the shape and design patterns of Hanfu by hand, and turn the design draft into a physical object through steps such as pattern making and cutting. This practical learning method can not only help students better master the skills and methods of Hanfu design, but also allow them to feel the charm of Hanfu in practice and enhance their love and identification with Hanfu culture.

In addition, the Hanfu Classroom also assumes the social responsibility of promoting Hanfu culture. Through various forms of activities and publicity, they let more people understand and understand Hanfu, and join in the inheritance and promotion of Hanfu culture. They believe that only by letting more people understand and love Hanfu can Hanfu culture be better inherited and developed.

During the learning process of Hanfu class, students can not only learn professional knowledge of Hanfu design, but also make like-minded friends and share their love and pursuit of Hanfu culture. This atmosphere makes learning more interesting and meaningful, and also allows students to have a deeper understanding and feel of the charm of Hanfu culture.

In general, Yi Hanfu Classroom is a learning platform that integrates professionalism, practice and culture. Through an excellent team of teachers, practical teaching methods and social responsibility to promote Hanfu culture, it provides a systematic and professional learning platform for Hanfu enthusiasts, allowing people with zero basic knowledge to draw Hanfu glory.

In the future, Yiyi Hanfu Classroom will continue to be committed to promoting Hanfu culture and providing opportunities for more people to learn and communicate. With everyone’s joint efforts, Hanfu culture will be better inherited and developed and become an important part of traditional Chinese culture. At the same time, they also hope that more people can join in the inheritance and development of Hanfu culture and jointly contribute to the prosperity and development of Chinese culture.


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