Comfortable insurance from VUSO and PrivatBank: affordable investments in your own peace of mind

Comfortable insurance from VUSO and PrivatBank: affordable investments in your own peace of mind


In recent years, the Ukrainian service has been steadily developing and sometimes even surpasses Western systems. Large companies offer customer-oriented solutions that help to close most of the questions.

This applies even to such serious topics as insurance. A successful case of the development of client service can be called the cooperation between the insurance company “VUSO” and PrivatBank.

For 8 years, the bank’s clients have been able to issue an insurance policy directly in the Privat24 application or in a branch.

What are the benefits of such insurance?

PrivatBank and SC “VUSO” introduce the best service at an affordable price. In this way, each client can provide full insurance protection in case of unforeseen situations without high costs.

One of the most popular areas is car insurance. The demand for such a product is due in part to the obligation and conscious approach to safety issues in the event of a road accident.

  • OSTCPV (motor vehicle civil service) mandatory protection of the driver’s liability in the event of an accident. The electronic policy is always at hand: just take a screenshot of the contract, show it in “Actions” or open it in the Privat24 mobile application. There is also the “Payment in installments” service, thanks to which you can split the cost of insurance up to 12 payments, which is a unique offer on the market.
  • TopDriver a comprehensive insurance offer that combines miniCASCO, an increase in the limit of motor insurance and coverage of medical expenses in the event of a road accident. The insurance payment is only UAH 49 per month. The total limit is UAH 100,000: compensation for damage to your car in a road accident – UAH 20,000, voluntary car insurance – UAH 50,000, medical protection in the event of a road accident – UAH 30,000. You can also simply increase the coverage of the autocivilka up to UAH 500,000 without taking into account additional options.
  • A green card will be useful to drivers who plan to travel abroad in their own car. The electronic policy of international auto civil liability insurance will be automatically added to the MTSU database. All that remains is to print the finished policy and calmly go abroad. Those who take out a policy for 15 days or 1 month at the VUSO company will receive a pleasant bonus – technical assistance, which guarantees the coverage of translator services in the event of an accident, as well as the organization of another car service abroad.

Medical Insurance plays a key role in ensuring access to quality medical care without financial burdens.

  • E-liki an insurance service that covers the cost of drugs prescribed by a family doctor through an electronic prescription. Acute disease, exacerbation of chronic diseases, disorders due to an accident – VUSO will provide support with medicines. Insurance amount 10,000 UAH. Franchise 20%
  • Protection for every day. Insurance in case of sudden health problems, in particular damage due to accidents or death. You can choose one of three programs: “Standard”, “Active sports” and “Military risks”. It is also possible to arrange such insurance for a family or team. It will provide coverage risks that threaten your life, health and or ability to work.

“With the beginning of a full-scale invasion, health insurance began to gain momentum. This is due to the gradual deterioration of the quality of health, which is a consequence of being in stressful conditions. The demand for group insurance has especially increased.

This is what experts say, noting that protecting the health and mental state of employees at enterprises is one of the key challenges for Ukrainian entrepreneurs.

While not every employer can offer such an option, you need to look for other options. That is why VUSO offers affordable insurance for individuals as well,” says Mykhailo Nazarchuk, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of SC “VUSO”.

  • Cancer protection. New cases of critical diseases, including oncology, are recorded in Ukraine every day. Treatment of such diseases is very expensive and for many Ukrainians it becomes the main problem. However, “VUSO” and PrivatBank have a solution. “Oncozakhist” insurance covers the treatment of newly detected oncological diseases under two programs: “Economy” and “Comfort”. The service can be issued at any branch of PrivatBank.

Protection of property through insurance policies is an important component of well-being and balance. It helps owners avoid significant losses in the event of theft, fire or other unforeseen events.

Real estate without inspection. We provide property insurance with no inspection required. Our policy covers damage to your property as well as damages you cause to your neighbors. The insurance covers the most common risks such as water damage, fire, burst gas lines, natural disasters and third party liability.

Financial protection can be a support for various situations in life: from dismissal from work to fraudulent activities. “VUSO” and PryvatBank as socially responsible companies that care about customers, offer insurance even for such situations.

  • Credit limit insurance. The main reason people avoid using credit card funds and refuse many things is the fear of losing their source of income. Ago “Credit limit insurance” this is a product which helps to pay off the debt on the credit card with the help of the insurer in the event of an insured event under the contract. If loss of working capacity due to illness, in case of job loss, the obligation to pay the loan is transferred to the shoulders of the insurance company.
  • Fraud protection. This is an insurance product that allows you to protect yourself from various types of fraud and quickly return money that was stolen from card accounts. The most common examples of fraud include wire transfers to fraudsters’ accounts, phone and internet scams, spoofing websites and withdrawals from stolen or lost cards. Under the terms of this service, from UAH 35 per month, the victim receives protection for the amount from UAH 50,000

In addition, “VUSO” in cooperation with PrivatBank offers clients insurance of mortgaged property under credit agreements, car insurance for car loans.

Also, “VUSO” has the opportunity to insure real estate when issuing a mortgage under the “eOselya” state program.

Read more about all available offers vocation.

Certificate. SC “VUSO” a company with Ukrainian capital, which was established in 2001. The insurer has proven itself as a reliable player on the insurance market, as evidenced by the current uaAA financial stability rating assigned by the Standard-Rating rating agency. “VUSO” specializes in motor, medical, travel insurance for both corporate clients and private individuals.

SC “VUSO” fully complies with the requirements of current legislation in its work. Today, the company has registered 50 licenses: 17 for voluntary and 33 for mandatory types of insurance.

For the convenience of customers in Ukraine, they work 34 representative offices, 2 branches and more than 20 agency sales centers. In July 2023, the National Bank confirmed the transparency of the structure of PrJSC “SC “VUSO”.

“VUSO” already for many years in a row has held a leading position in the field of Internet insurance. From words Chairman of the supervisory board of “VUSO” Mykhailo Nazarchukone of the strongest points “VUSO” fast and high-quality formation of IT solutions thanks to the presence of in-house development, which is carried out by highly qualified specialists of the company.

The company is constantly increasing the list of partners with which it successfully implements projects, including long-term cooperation with PrivatBank.


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