More than 100 Vistara flights cancelled, Central government seeks answers

More than 100 Vistara flights cancelled, Central government seeks answers


New Delhi (Uttam Hindu News): Tata In the last few days, cases of cancellation of flights of Vistara, the airline company of the group and Singapore Airlines, are coming to the fore. More than 100 Vistara flights have been canceled in the last few days. At the same time, even today about 60 flights of this airline company have been cancelled. Earlier on Monday, airlines had canceled about 50 flights. Now MoCA has sought a report from the airline company in this matter.

More than 100 Vistara flights cancelled: Vistara Airlines are facing shortage of pilots and operational problems; passengers are facing a lot of problems due to the airline company. According to information received from media reports, there is a possibility of more flights being canceled on Tuesday and this number may go up to 70. The company has also accepted this. Vistara gave this information on Monday and said that it is trying to improve it.

According to media reports, the spokesperson of the airline says that in the last few days, due to various operational reasons, Vistara Airlines has seen cancellations and delays in flights. He said that the airlines are making continuous efforts to normalize the situation.

According to media reports, Vistara cited ‘crew shortage’ for frequent delays and cancellations of flights. Vistara spokesperson said in a statement that in the last few days, a large number of flights have faced cancellations and delays due to unavailability of crew. We acknowledge this and apologize for the inconvenience caused to customers. The company said that they are going to temporarily limit the number of flights to ensure adequate connectivity. The Ministry of Civil Aviation has sought a detailed report from Vistara regarding the flight cancellations and major delays on April 2. The airline canceled or delayed more than 100 flights in the past week, a MOCA official has told the media.

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