Parents have started a “hunt for nannies” – Kommersant FM

Parents have started a “hunt for nannies” – Kommersant FM

There is an acute shortage of nannies in Russia. The ratio of supply and demand for these services is now less than one to three, this indicates a shortage, that is, employers actually have no one to choose from, RBC cites data from the service. At the beginning of the year, employers opened more than 3 thousand vacancies for nannies, while the number of resumes amounted to just over 8 thousand. Avito, in turn, calculated that in January the demand for nannies increased by 43%, and in YouDo estimated the figure at 39%.

The shortage in this area is caused primarily by the mass departure of foreign workers, explained the founder of the nanny selection service “Granny for an Hour” Natalya Linkova: “Until recently, there were several categories of nannies on the market. There is a large group of Filipino employees who, after the end of the pandemic and since the beginning of the SVO, left the country for various reasons; some began to have visa problems. Another large layer that has always been in Russia is Ukrainian nannies. Again, since the beginning of the SVO there have been much fewer of them.

As for local women and men who go into the profession, there are much fewer people willing to work under the conditions that their parents want than there were among Filipino and Ukrainian nannies. Now young people have begun to come into this field, but previously it was older people.

But the market is such that parents want qualified staff. And there is a bias here: what the employer wants, recruiters have nowhere to get it. One more thing: among young parents, the demand for nanny services is much higher than in previous generations. That is, they first of all think about themselves, how to develop and earn money.”

According to Avito, the national average salary offer for nannies in January was 49 thousand rubles. For comparison, at the beginning of 2023 this figure was slightly more than 34.5 thousand rubles. People are most willing to pay for such services in St. Petersburg, almost 60 thousand rubles, in Moscow – 54.5 thousand rubles, and in Naberezhnye Chelny – about 46 thousand rubles.

At the same time, calculated that nannies are now offered an average of 72.5 thousand rubles. And their salary expectations increased over the year by 10 thousand rubles, from 50 to 60 thousand rubles. per month. Analysts note a clear market bias in favor of the applicant. It is especially difficult to find qualified specialists, Anton Baklunov, co-founder of the nanny selection service Sittme, told Kommersant FM:

“It seems to me that the market has somewhat balanced, if we remember the situation six months ago, demand, of course, greatly exceeded supply. It’s a bit of an off-season on the market right now, but as always, talent quality remains the cornerstone. The questions raise the experience, skills, competencies of candidates, their ability to interact with children, to build communication in a triangle between the child, nanny and parents. Of course, there are fewer such specialists. To fill a vacancy, we need to offer the parent at least five options.”

Recruiting services note a growing demand for nannies with additional functions. For example, combining childcare with housekeeping, homework, or driver services. In addition, the share of interest in private employment has increased significantly. The average hourly rate for nannies is now 450-550 rubles.

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