Foreign investors opened their pockets

Foreign investors opened their pockets


Borsa Istanbul’s BIST 100 index regained its performance, which lost momentum at the beginning of March, at the end of the month. Foreign investors started buying again at Borsa Istanbul before the local elections. Foreigners purchased net shares worth $428.8 million in the week of March 22. Volatility in pricing due to the election paved the way for foreign investors to collect shares at cheap prices. Foreign share in Borsa Istanbul returned to its previous year’s level with more affordable costing.


While deposit interest rates exceeding 50 percent and the rise in foreign currency and gold prices led locals to invest in investment instruments other than Borsa Istanbul, the sales chains initiated by foreign shareholders came to an end. While the domestic share decreased, the stocks with stronger foreign purchases were mainly concentrated within BIST 30. According to data shared by Borsa Istanbul; February’s report card was closed with net foreign sales. While foreigners made purchases of 35 billion 172 million dollars in February, they made sales of 35 billion 392 million dollars. During this period, the net sales amount of the foreign investor, who realized a total transaction volume of 70 billion 565 million dollars, reached 220 million 117 thousand dollars. Foreign institutions, which made sales of $229 million in the first half of March, replaced the assets they acquired in the last week.


With all the transactions made, there has been no significant change in the net amount of 1 billion 528.5 million dollars of assets collected by foreigners since the beginning of the year. Foreign brokerage firms have achieved high profitability so far with their net positions. While the market value of Borsa Istanbul was 11 trillion 22 billion liras at the beginning of the year, today this figure has reached 12 trillion 52 billion liras.

Public offerings make money

With the new year, it has been about 6 weeks since the public offerings started. Since February 6, when the initial offering attracted demand, a total of 9 companies’ requests to be listed on Borsa Istanbul have been approved. A total of 3 thousand 345 liras worth of shares were distributed to 8 public offerings that started trading. While the total earnings of the 8 companies in question today are 3 thousand 46 liras, the 2024 public offering portfolio increased by 91 percent to 6 thousand 392 liras. The most profitable stock in the portfolio was Pacific Technology (PATEK), which started to attract demand on February 6. While the company provided a return of 252 percent, it became the highest rising stock of 2024.


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