National platforms stand firmly on the ground with TAAC: Signed its first international contract

National platforms stand firmly on the ground with TAAC: Signed its first international contract


TAAC Aviation Technologies, which develops landing gear and subsystems for Turkey’s national air platforms, made its first international contract.

Founded in 2019 in partnership with Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ) and Altınay Defense Technologies, TAAC Aviation Technologies took a strategic step towards becoming one of the leading players in the global market, with the mission of reducing foreign dependency in the defense and aviation sector and increasing national power.

TAAC, which develops flight control system actuators, landing gear and critical test systems domestically and nationally, made a significant export move by signing a contract with EDGE Group, the largest defense and aerospace company group in the United Arab Emirates. TAAC aims to make a national contribution and increase its global impact by exporting the products designed and produced with Turkish engineering abroad.

TAAC General Manager Enis Ata, in his evaluation, said, “With the start of the project we signed with EDGE Group (ADASI), TAAC’s brand value will be registered globally, especially in the Middle East. While we will continue to be the solution center for our country’s unique platforms in the coming period, TAAC’s developing “We aim to strengthen our position on a global scale by increasing our export share in line with our capabilities.” said.

Drawing attention to Turkey’s position in developing landing gear, Ata said:

“Turkey is among the few countries that can develop a 5th generation fighter jet. Our country is one of the rare countries that has the ability to develop landing gear for a platform of this caliber and can offer this capability to its customers on a global scale. As TAAC, we develop solutions locally and nationally.” “We offer it to the global market. By realizing our first international cooperation, we have taken an important step for both our country and the industry. On this occasion, we will increase our impact by taking our country further in the ability to develop landing gear.”

National platforms stand firmly on the ground with TAAC

Acting with a sense of responsibility in coordinating and directing its stakeholders in every field from production to design, from qualification to analysis, TAAC continues to grow by expanding its activities abroad with the knowledge and experience it has gained from product development processes for Turkey’s unique air platforms, especially KAAN and HÜRJET.

TAAC, which has an important position in product and system development with the combination of Altınay’s areas of expertise and TAI’s power, will not only contribute to exports to the sector through foreign collaborations, but will also demonstrate Turkey’s landing gear development expertise on a global scale.


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