Objections on medical equipment purchased in IKD’s audit report

Objections on medical equipment purchased in IKD’s audit report


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In the audit report of the Institute of Kidney Diseases Peshawar (IKD), objections were raised on the purchased medical equipment and other items.

The audit report said that medical equipment and other items were purchased at prices higher than the market rate, the exchequer lost Rs 97 lakh by buying medical equipment at higher prices.

According to the report, surgical gloves were bought at Rs 112 instead of Rs 71, a loss of Rs 2.5 million was caused by the purchase of surgical gloves at a higher price.

Plastic bags were bought at Rs 230 instead of Rs 197, Silpacks were bought at Rs 5160 more expensive than the market rate, loss of more than Rs 2 lakh was caused by buying silpacks expensive.

The report said that the chemicals used in IKD were also bought at high prices, the contract for the beautification and construction work of the hospital was awarded against the rules, the contract worth Rs 8.87 million was awarded to an approved private company.

10% performance security of Rs.88 lakhs was not taken from the company, the contract was unjustifiably extended till the year 2022-23, unauthorized payment of Rs.90 lakhs was made for the construction work of OPDIBP.

In the audit report, it is recommended to conduct an inquiry and determine the responsibilities.

In this regard, the director of the Institute of Kidney Diseases, Dr. Mazhar Khan, while talking to Geo News, said that this is the audit of the former director’s period, the answers to the objections raised in the audit report have been prepared, the medical equipment purchased for the hospital The equipment is of high quality.


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