Shopping centres: growth in turnover and admissions in 2023

Shopping centres: growth in turnover and admissions in 2023

Analyzing the overall turnover for 2023 it clearly emerges that the growth of the shopping center industry, already detected in 2022, was further consolidated in 2023 with a +2.4%. Reporting these results is theCncc-EY Observatorywhich analyzes sector trends on a monthly basis based on data from a representative panel in which 300 structures participate, equal to approximately 10 thousand points of sale.

The data not only highlights a clear path out of the pandemic period in terms of turnover, with positive signs for this year, but also reveals a notable increase in turnout: +6.8% compared to 2022.

“With the 2023 turnover data we can confirm that the shopping center industry has overcome the crisis linked to the pandemic, achieving a better result than in 2019, the pre-Covid year – he commented Roberto Zoia, president of Cncc – The 2023 turnover is certainly confirmation of the validity and appreciation of the shopping center model by consumers. As regards attendance, 2023 is certainly marked by an important improvement, even if compared to 2019 a total recovery has not yet been achieved. However, some indicators make us optimistic for 2024: for example, the recovery in cinema admissions, as well as the strong performance of catering, are an important signal of the new trends of visitors to the centers which will certainly contribute to reaching the frequency of use of the past ”.

All product categories report a growth trend, with the exception ofConsumer electronics (-7.1%) ei Household goods (-1.6%). Instead, growth was certainly driven by the acceleration of Catering and of Personal Care and Healthin addition to the positive contribution ofService activitiesthe Culture and free time and theClothing.

“The encouraging signs on the trend in shopping center sales are the result of a change in the consumption habits of Italians, to which the center managers have been able to respond by innovating and transforming their product – he said Marco Daviddi, Strategy & Transactions Managing Partner of EY in Italy – In the last year, the strong growth of catering and personal care is significant, a sign of a consumer who is more linked to the concept of well-being, looking for convivial and leisure moments and who also finds a wider range of services in the shopping center and structured.”

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