The Astrakhan gas processing plant stopped the production of oil products due to the accident – Reuters

The Astrakhan gas processing plant stopped the production of oil products due to the accident – Reuters

The Astrakhan gas processing plant, which belongs to “Gazprom”, stopped the production of oil products after repairs the day before.

About this informs Reuters.

It is noted that the condensate primary processing unit was briefly stopped on March 30 for the repair of the process pipeline at the Astrakhan GPP. And already on April 1, the press service of the plant reported that the repair work was completed.

“The production of light oil products will be resumed,” the company representative said, without specifying the terms.


Two Reuters industry sources told Reuters that Russia’s Astrakhan refinery halted refining and production of commercial gasoline and diesel on March 31 due to unscheduled maintenance.

“Although the plant’s capacity is not extremely important to Russia, its shutdown is likely to heighten Moscow’s concerns about large-scale shutdowns of oil refining capacity due to Ukrainian drone attacks,” the report said.

It is added that two traders informed the publication that they received a message from the St. Petersburg International Commodity Exchange about the suspension of the sale of diesel fuel and gasoline from the plant due to an unplanned stoppage of petroleum products production.


In 2023, the plant produced 703,000 tons of gasoline, or 1.6% of the total Russian volume, as well as 492,000 tons of diesel fuel (0.6%) and 299,000 tons of fuel oil (0.7%).

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We will remind:

Attacks by Ukrainian drones on the oil and gas industry of the Russian Federation became possible due to increased flight range and the use of AI for terrain and target recognition. At the same time, such drones are completely autonomous and do not require satellite communication.

The government of the subject of the Russian Federation of the Republic of Tatarstan stated about the attack of drones on enterprises in Yelabuz and Nizhnyokamsk, as a result of which an explosion occurred and there are victims, it was previously reported that in Yelabuzi gather “Shakheds”.

As a result of the joint special operation of Ukrainian intelligence and the Security Service of Ukraine, according to sources, there was affected installation of primary oil processing at the refinery in Nizhnyokamsk, Russia.

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