What tours do wealthy Russians choose?

What tours do wealthy Russians choose?


Elite tours for the May holidays have risen in price by 10-15%, representatives of the travel industry told Kommersant FM about this. If three years ago trips worth more than 500 thousand rubles were considered premium, now the bar has risen to 1 million rubles. Tour operators note that wealthy clients prefer a long vacation in early May, that is, they book dates that cover both the first and second parts of the holidays.

Beach resorts are in greatest demand, noted Maya Kotlyar, head of the individual tourism company Mayel Travel: “We now consider VIP tours for a family with two children from 800 thousand rubles. and up for a week. In practice, the cost of such trips is from 1-1.5 million rubles. For this money you can afford to go to the Maldives for ten nights, or “luxury” Turkey and the UAE for the May holidays. These are the top three within this budget. The bar is growing commensurate with the increase in prices for outbound tourism, by approximately 10-15% from year to year.

At the same time, if we talk about our company, the number of VIP tourists is growing from year to year by 30%. Clients do not even turn into such clients of their own free will, it’s just that prices for foreign holidays have increased, people have reduced the number of trips per year and, without reducing quality, are focusing on the same level of hotels that they chose before.

First of all, those destinations where Russia has direct flights are popular. This year we see a sharp change in focus on Thailand, the newly opened Mauritius, and the Seychelles.

Among the unusual destinations, there is a growing trend towards Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, the beaches of Africa, for example, Diani Beach in Kenya. This is how people combine a safari trip and relax on the snow-white beaches.”

According to the Association of Tour Operators of Russia, sales of foreign tours for the May holidays decreased by 25% year-on-year. However, the trend did not affect the premium travel segment. More and more demand is coming from European destinations, as well as Arab countries in Asia and Africa, said Irina Manuilskaya, head of the sales department of the travel company Sodis: “This year, the Maldives is in first place for our tourists, with the United Arab Emirates not far behind.

And unexpected countries were added, such as Qatar, for example, Oman and Morocco, where beautiful excursion programs are in quite high demand, especially since a direct flight to Casablanca appeared.

If we are talking about budget, then on average a trip for two costs from 1 million rubles. There is a price increase of maybe 5-10%.

In addition, there were a lot of desires to fly to Europe. It feels like everyone is missing Italy and France. But, unfortunately, problems with documents will not allow all these plans to come true. Those who made orders in advance will receive a visa before the May holidays. It is no longer possible to book tours to European destinations for long holidays.

Compared to last year, we can talk about the intensification of honeymoon travel. There are several requests for beautiful trips just in time for the May holidays. Here we have our beloved Maldives, and a romantic ceremony for two, but in Thailand. There is Cyprus.”

The volume of bookings to European Union countries for the May holidays increased by 10-30% compared to 2023, the Association of Tour Operators of Russia reported. The most popular countries were France, Italy and Spain.

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