A survey points to the Government as the main responsible for worsening the business image

A survey points to the Government as the main responsible for worsening the business image


Almost one in four Spaniards, 23% consider that the public image of businessmen has deteriorated, compared to 13% who believe that it has improved and 64% who think that public perception is maintained. For those who believe that the perception of business in society is worsening, the main reason is the Government itself and the political situation in Spain.

One in four of those who believe that businesspeople are valued less well blame political leaders directly for this negative trend. The role of negative criticism from the Government thus surpasses other reasons, such as the idea that the employer only seeks his own benefit (23%) or working conditions (14%). Precisely in the last year they have been common the attacks from some ministries in the hands of Podemos on large companies and their managers on account of the controversies on profits in sectors such as banking and energyeither inflation in the case of distribution.

This is reflected in the second Entrepreneur Barometer commissioned by the Valencian Association of Businessmen (AVE) to the demographic firm GAD3, which reflects that the opinion of the vast majority of Spaniards about the business community is favorable. So, 77% of those surveyed value entrepreneurs positively or very positively, the same percentage as a year before. Only 3% value them negatively and 15% very negatively.

Despite this, the results also show some negative changes. So, 41% say they admire a specific businessman, three points less than a year ago. According to Narciso Michavila, the sociologist and head of GAD3, this result shows one of the weaknesses in the Spanish case: “There is a deficit of businessmen who serve as a reference.”

From employment to public services

Precisely the Barometer promoted by AVE, the Valencian business lobby chaired by Vicente Boluda and of which Juan Roig is a member, served to vindicate the work of businessmen and their contribution to society and the Welfare State in Spain. To this end, the report also collects data on what they contribute to both the economy and Spanish society, compiled by the Ivie.

These include that the private company contributes 84.6% of total employment, three tenths more than a year before. Also generates 86% of GDP, in addition to almost 90% of investment from the country. According to the Ivie, in their contribution to corporate tax alone they contributed 36,608 million euros to public services.

Society “proud of entrepreneurs”

Boluda himself highlighted the need for “Society is proud of the country’s businessmen” and “change the mental framework” that according to the business leader some want to create “demagogically” around the business world. The president of AVE pointed out that despite the more than 3.2 million entrepreneurs and self-employed workers in Spain, “what is not known is not valued.”

The president of ATA and vice president of CEOE, Lorenzo Amor, also participated in the event, defending precisely that “There is nothing more progressive than business contribution”. According to Amor, if Spain currently has more jobs than ever despite the political situation it is “thanks to the efforts of the 3.3 million businessmen, not of any Government”.



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