China Life Tianjin Branch has achieved remarkable results in inclusive finance in the past ten years

China Life Tianjin Branch has achieved remarkable results in inclusive finance in the past ten years


  Inclusive financealreadyIncorporated into the national development strategy for ten yearsMore than enough,China Life Tianjin BranchalwaysActively respond to the country’s call and implement it with practical actionsWith the “people-centered” development philosophy, we have fully leveraged the unique advantages of the insurance industry, deeply explored the field of inclusive finance, and provided diversified and high-quality insurance products and services to the general public.

  Over the past ten years, China Life Tianjin Branch has always adhered to“Insurance is surnamed Bao”, taking protecting people’s livelihood and well-being as its own responsibility, and making every effort to promote the development of social security insurance businessexhibition.In 2023, the company achieved social security insurance premium income of 4.715 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 15.12%. The number of claims and the amount of claims paid throughout the year were respectivelypromote32% and 7%,This is an intuitive reflection of the company’s claims service strength.EvenyesThe company’s deep concern and firm commitment to people’s livelihood and well-being.

  Weaving a tight thread to protect basic people’s livelihoodIn terms of “safety net”, China Life Tianjin Branch also spared no effort.2023,The company handles critical illness insurance business, and the compensation amount reaches78.758 million yuan, providing timely rain to many sick families. At the same time, the company paid 104 million yuan to the long-term care insurance fund, allowing more than 7,300 disabled people to enjoy professional nursing services. In addition, the company made every effort to promote the personal pension business, achieving premium income of 15.5081 million yuan and underwriting 2,427 cases, further establishing its first position in the market.

  As a support for inclusive insurance“Navigator”, China Life Tianjin Branch has also achieved remarkable results in the fields of aging, family planning, women’s federation, and disabled people’s federation. The company has provided a total of 44.399 billion yuan in risk protection for 772,400 elderly people, family planning families, women’s groups, and the disabled population. At the same time, the company, as the main unit, underwrites urban customized commercial medical insurance, achieving premium income of 39.3046 million yuan, covering a population of 260,000, and providing risk protection of 786 billion yuan. These measures have effectively improved the coverage and protection level of inclusive insurance, allowing more people to enjoy the benefits and convenience brought by insurance.

  In terms of serving the real economy, China Life Insurance Tianjin Branch makes full use of the insurance industry“Stabilizer” and “booster” functions. The company took the initiative to connect with large state-owned enterprises and won bids for 4 new large and medium-sized corporate customers, with the premium scale reaching 17More than 000 million yuan, providing customers with 14.5 billion yuan of risk protection.At the same time, the company also strengthens its investment in advanced manufacturing, transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, strategic emerging industries, green and low-carbon and other fields.Business Support,Strategic emerging industries and green insuranceEnsure continued important role. These measures not only enhance the company’s market competitiveness, but also provide strong support for the healthy development of the real economy.

  In terms of promoting rural revitalization, China Life Tianjin BranchActively fulfill the responsibilities of financial central enterprises.The company purchases agricultural and animal husbandry products through e-commerce platforms1 million yuan, exceeding the consumption assistance task. At the same time, the company actively promoted a series of small-amount products, achieving RMB 2.5665 million in rural revitalization business income, with the number of insured persons reaching 121,200, and providing RMB 1.949 billion in risk protection for rural areas. These measures have effectively promoted the vigorous development of rural revitalization.High-quality services to build a powerful agricultural country.

  In promoting the development of inclusive financemiddle,China Life Tianjin Branch has always focused on technological empowerment and innovation-driven development.The company makes full use of Internet technology to optimize business processes,Improve service efficiency and quality, allowing customers to enjoy a more convenient and efficient insurance service experience.launched by the companyInnovative measures such as the “e-Enterprise Investment” function and the entire online order issuance process have received unanimous praise from customers.

  Looking back on the past ten years, China Life Tianjin Branch has fully demonstrated its responsibility and responsibility as a large state-owned insurance company in the field of inclusive finance.In the future, the company will continue to adhere to its original intention of insurance, further leverage the comprehensive financial advantages of the insurance industry, strengthen cooperation and exchanges with governments, enterprises and other parties, deepen the field of inclusive finance, and provide richer products, better services, and more innovation Scientific and technological means to meet the people’s growing insurance needs,Jointly promote the high-quality development of inclusive finance.


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