Germany’s Ruihao launches best-selling color edge banding series for the Chinese market for the first time

Germany’s Ruihao launches best-selling color edge banding series for the Chinese market for the first time


Recently, Germany’s Ruihao made a strong appearance at the 2024 International Furniture Production Equipment and Ingredients Exhibition (Interzum Guangzhou 2024) with new products such as RAUKANTEX unbounded series, fluorescent logo series, and best-selling series of new businesses. At the same time, in response to the Chinese market and consumer preferences, Germany’s Ruihao launched the best-selling color edge banding series for the first time, aiming to shorten the delivery time of best-selling ABS edge banding products and bring a better service experience from upstream to the terminal. . The series currently covers more than 30 color textures, which can match the best-selling colors of EGGER or PET, and more colors will be added this year.

The theme of Ruihao’s booth this time is “Rehau Theater”, which is inspired by European architecture and theater culture. For the first time, the edge banding is integrated into the grand architectural technique. The main color of red exudes confidence, and the slender edge banding reveals layers of strength. Stepping inside, the audience was attracted by scenes of innovative edge banding products, surface materials and rolling door cabinet series. Everyone can immersively feel the natural beauty that these furniture solutions give to panel furniture.

In 2008, Germany’s Rehau invented laser edge banding and officially introduced it to the Chinese market in 2014. Since then, the furniture market has also set off a “laser” craze under the guidance of Ruihao laser edge banding, and a dazzling array of “laser edge banding” has entered the market. While firmly believing that product strength is the last word, German REHAU has also launched a new round of brand rights protection actions to protect the Laser edge® laser edge sealing trademark. Now, customers and consumers only need to use UV light to see that all Ruihao laser edge banding tapes are printed with fluorescent anti-counterfeiting logos on the front. There is an interactive installation at the booth, allowing visitors to see the fluorescent logo in action. “Rehau laser edge banding tapes enjoy a high reputation in the Chinese market, and their excellent quality is self-evident.” said Mr. Matthias Haasler, Director of Greater China and Northeast Asia of Rehau Germany. Our professional capabilities in the field of edge banding have made us the only edge banding supplier in the world with the Laser edge® trademark. The advent of fluorescent markings will allow more industry partners, customers and consumers to evaluate REHAU laser edge banding. Traceability, identification and certification. Let end customers intuitively see where the REHAU edge banding is.”

In order to meet the Chinese market’s demand for high-quality textured panel furniture and provide a more beautiful, more natural and more functional appearance, German Ruihao released its annual new product for the first time at the exhibition: RAUKANTEX unbounded series edge banding tapes. Through innovative material formulas, this series of products achieves a full-body texture on the edge of the edge, truly seamlessly connecting edges and surfaces, and provides revolutionary edge-banding tapes for the design of various types of wood grain, stone grain, cement grain and other panel furniture. Options. As a new product of the year, the RAUKANTEX unbounded series edge banding also won the 2024 Interzum Award.

During the exhibition, Ruihao Germany also held the certification awarding ceremony for the first batch of customers of the ‘Rehau Laser Edge Banding Process Certification’ and the signing ceremony for the second phase of customers. The certification project will be launched at the end of 2023. It aims to create a benchmark in the laser edge banding industry through technical training, processing technology specifications, laboratory quality inspection and finished product appearance inspection, and work with brand customers to create promotional videos for market promotion, so that more people can truly Understand what kind of laser edge sealing is pure laser edge sealing. More than 30 client companies participated in the event. As the first four customers to receive certification, Wenxin Group, Feimei Furniture, Weifa Furniture and Gedi Lili all said that this project cooperation confirmed both parties’ persistence in high quality.

At the same time, at the invitation of the organizer, Ms. Wang Lijuan, the technical product manager of the German Ruihao Furniture Solutions Division, also appeared at the 2024 Panel Furniture Edge Banding Technology Forum, bringing “Breaking through boundaries, returning to nature, high-quality edge banding to help break the volume” The theme sharing introduces how, in the existing market environment, Ruihao relies on returning to the product value itself to find and seize the small trends in the general background.


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