Dego was awarded the “Brand China” and showed its responsibility in building a healthy China

Dego was awarded the “Brand China” and showed its responsibility in building a healthy China


Recently, the licensing ceremony between “Brand China” and Degao Healthy Home (Group) was successfully held. Degao was awarded the “Key Recommended Brand in the “Brand China” column” for its excellent product quality and strong brand strength. With good products and good image, we build strong brand confidence and add another highlight to Dego’s development milestone.

  Polish your brand business card, Degao won the “Brand China” award

“Brand China” aims to give voice to outstanding Chinese brands, turn them into China’s shining golden business cards, and help the rise of Chinese national brands. This licensing not only demonstrates the comprehensive strength of the Dego brand, but also enhances the credibility and market influence of the Dego brand, making the brand image of Dego Healthy Home (Group) more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

At the awarding ceremony, the representative of “Brand China” said that Dego has always adhered to the cultural concept of love and the concept of healthy products. With its excellent quality and good reputation, it has won the trust and love of consumers and has become a well-known brand in the industry. One of the most watched and recognized brands. “Brand China” will also use the column’s own advantages to integrate media resources in an all-round way, empower Dego brand terminals with media promotion, fully promote the development of Dego brand, and inject “top-notch” power into the upgrading and development of Dego brand.

  Taking health as the background and focusing on comprehensive health upgrades

Degao wrote “health” into the brand name. Since its establishment, it has firmly established its goal of being an “international high-quality healthy home” and adhered to the product concepts of “green”, “environmental protection” and “healthy”. Dego’s inspection of imported products can take as little as one year or as many as several years. The strict selection of products has also created Dego’s “green” and “healthy” brand image. From healthy floor and wall materials to environmental protection as the first standard, we ensure quality for consumers. When it comes to healthy air products, the Oxygen Technology R&D team has more than 10 years of oxygen production research to create a healthy oxygen-rich space for consumers and help teenagers build smart brains. Then to the European calcium powder and sports equipment to create a healthy body. Dego’s health products and concepts cover all aspects of life, making the concept of “pursuing a happy life and sharing a healthy life” more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

“Health” is the foundation for high development, and the comprehensive health system is the pattern for high development. Degao will delve deeply into the health industry and promote the construction of a healthy China to create a “model”. We will continue to work hard in the field of comprehensive health and seek high-quality corporate development under China’s economic development blueprint. Big health has also been included in the national strategic development. Degao should assume social responsibilities, stick to the health cause, continue to expand in the field of big health, and achieve further upgrades in quality and service.

  Promote healthy China and high-quality group development

Nearly 30 years of honest management have laid a solid foundation for Degao to implement the “collectivization” strategy. Based on the advantages of international high-quality building materials and healthy home products, Dego has formed branch offices in various regions across the country, with exclusive stores in more than 100 large and medium-sized cities, and its business territory continues to expand. Build a solid foundation of “stability” and maintain a momentum of “progress”. Dego has strategically cooperated with “Brand China” to polish its business card with the group’s new brand image, solidify its development foundation with a professional and systematic business model, and promote the high quality of Dego Group with the group’s unified strategic image and corporate culture as the guide. development, completing the groupization process and the strategic upgrading of the brand.

In the future, Degao Healthy Home (Group) will continue to shoulder the corporate vision of “serving people’s health”, pay tribute to the original intention with ingenuity, achieve the brand with quality, continue to focus on the big health industry, and promote China’s health industry with healthy products and high-quality services. The big health industry track is prospering and developing.


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