Dongcheng Group accurately grasps the pulse of the market and continues to innovate to lead new trends in the hotel industry

Dongcheng Group accurately grasps the pulse of the market and continues to innovate to lead new trends in the hotel industry


As the hotel industry continues to recover, Dongcheng Group has demonstrated stronger development momentum with innovation as its engine. At the recent Dongcheng Business Co-Creation Conference, the vision and strategy expounded by Chairman Cheng Xinhua profoundly revealed the development path of Dongcheng Group in the context of the new era and its precise positioning of the future market.

There was a time when market trends and consumer demands were constantly changing. In this context, Cheng Xinhua announced that Dongcheng will pay more attention to the mass market and strive to become the “MUJI” of China’s hotel industry. It marks that Dongcheng Group hopes to meet more needs by providing high-quality products without excessive packaging. broad consumer demand. This strategy not only complies with the increasingly rational consumption attitude of modern consumers, but also reflects Dongcheng’s keen insight into market trends – even when the budget hotel market seems saturated, there is still broad room for development. .

In terms of products, Dongcheng Group is also actively “seeking changes”. In 2017, on the basis of the existing Yicheng, Yishang, Berman, and City Convenience Hotel brands, it launched Yishang PLUS, Fengtitui, Dianying Hotel and other brands, and Continuously innovate and create a new generation of hotel products. For example, Dongcheng Group’s City Convenience Hotel debuted with a creative cartoon of “Journey to the West, Master and Disciple Staying at the Hotel”. The humorous copywriting and the lovely images of the four masters and disciples vividly displayed the theme of sleep.

Apart from taking the initiative to “seek change”, Dongcheng Group has not made any major changes in its strategic policy. It still focuses on the mass market, and still concentrates on second-, third- and fourth-tier cities to produce products priced at 200 yuan, 300 yuan and 400 yuan. “The mass market is the sea of ​​stars in Dongcheng.” Cheng Xinhua, chairman of Dongcheng Group, has repeatedly emphasized this point on many public occasions.

In terms of brands, Dongcheng Group will focus on improving its core brands and making its four main brands, City Convenience, Yishang, Berman and Yicheng, bigger and stronger. Other brands will also be developed through other means. In terms of hotel development layout, we still focus on the two provinces and Guangxi and radiate to the whole country. We adhere to the market strategy of “vertical deep cultivation and inter-provincial replication” to continuously enhance the scale and brand influence of Dongcheng in advantageous markets. At the same time, Dongcheng will “sink further” and continue to expand its share and market competitiveness in the existing market. The Berman Hotel is a brand specially created for the transformation of the existing market.

In addition, Dongcheng Group attaches great importance to the construction of its membership system and uses “membership management” as its core competitive strategy to accurately understand and meet the individual needs of members, thereby enhancing member loyalty. Continuous innovation in services, such as launching special services related to the “Qingmao” IP for young consumers, as well as other creative marketing methods, have greatly improved the brand’s appeal among young groups.

At a time when environmental protection concepts are increasingly valued, Dongcheng Group responds to the call for sustainable development and proactively integrates green and low-carbon concepts into its corporate development strategy. Dongcheng not only practices green and environmentally friendly hotel operation standards, but also actively builds efficient and green mechanisms in the supply chain system, is committed to reducing the impact of operations on the environment, and conveys its corporate responsibility to the society with practical actions.

Today, the development path of Dongcheng Hotel Group is like a river that brings together traditional wisdom and modern technology, gathering water from multiple sources and rushing forward. In the ever-changing sea of ​​the global hotel industry, Dongcheng is like a stable giant ship. It has a set course but can flexibly adjust, and is moving at full speed towards a broader future.


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