Emma Luna electric car won the FDA Gold Award at the 2024 French Design Awards, and the “twin colors” fashion led the industry’s aesthetic upgrade

Emma Luna electric car won the FDA Gold Award at the 2024 French Design Awards, and the “twin colors” fashion led the industry’s aesthetic upgrade


Recently, the 2024 winners list of the world-famous French Design Awards (FDA) was announced. With its innovation and practice in design, Emma Luna electric car stood out among many participating products around the world and won the gold medal in one fell swoop.

Emma Luna Electric Vehicle 2024 French Design Award FDA Gold Award Certificate

As one of the most influential international awards in the global creative field, the French Design Award FDA is hosted by the International Awards Association (IAA) of the United States and aims to recognize excellence in the fields of architectural design, interior design, product design and packaging design worldwide. Design works and designers with innovative and outstanding achievements.

The award is known for its rigorous and fair judging standards. The jury members are composed of the world’s top design experts, scholars and industry leaders. They are based on multiple dimensions such as the uniqueness of the design concept, functionality, aesthetic value and consideration of sustainable development. to select winning entries. The FDA Gold Award not only reflects the jury’s high recognition of Emma Luna’s design concept and creative performance, but also reflects Emma Technology’s contribution to promoting the integration of fashion and technology and leading design changes in the electric vehicle industry. affim.

Emma Luna Electric Vehicle 2024 French Design Award FDA Gold Medal Trophy

In the field of industrial design, color has always been a crucial element, especially in the design of mass transportation. As one of the most eye-catching categories among many car body color design schemes, two-color matching has always been widely concerned by the industry and consumers. However, due to its higher requirements for design skills and aesthetic understanding, it has only been used by some high-end brands and fashion in the automotive field. As personalized consumption gradually becomes the mainstream consumption concept, in the field of two-wheeled electric vehicles that have become one of the mainstream modes of travel in my country, a single color can no longer meet people’s colorful needs.

Emma Luna electric car “twin colors” fashionable and versatile

Driven by this trend, Emma Technology innovatively adopted the “twin two-color” scheme in the color design of Emma Luna. Through the color-changing color matching in the same color system, it gives the car body color more visual appeal. Change and emotional value, “oat milk coffee” brings warmth and comfort to people; Dream Blue + Mussulli Blue, has a modern romantic feel and soft temperament; Burnt Green + Oxygen Green has its own healing properties; Dudu Pink + Taro powder brings the cute culture of Generation Z; caramel red + milkshake white gives a warm and calm texture. Different colors suit different scenes, and different scenes match different moods. Coupled with the light and elegant body design and soft and colorful eyelash headlights, Emma Luna fully interprets the fashionable and versatile feeling. At the same time, in addition to being a “color expert”, Emma Luna is also a “travel expert”. Relying on feather-weighted body design, high-performance power motors, high-energy density batteries and other hardware blessings, Emma Luna combines fashion and lightness. Fully loaded, you can enjoy flexible control while saying goodbye to range anxiety, making traveling more convenient and worry-free.

Emma Luna electric car is widely favored by celebrities

It is precisely by virtue of the compound advantages of “fashion + technology” that Emma Luna has been widely discussed by consumers and the industry since its launch. Not only has its sales suddenly increased, but it has also become a “popular star” of Hunan Satellite TV’s Spring Festival Gala with its distinctive fashion attributes. , not only became Zhao Zhaoyi’s “partner” for photography and travel, but also went on a tour of the streets of Paris with Emma brand spokesperson Jay Chou. A 60-second Paris fashion blockbuster attracted widespread attention from the audience and netizens, showing her fashionable charm. Winning the French Design Award FDA once again demonstrates the industry’s high recognition of this fashionable model.

“Start with appearance, be loyal to performance, and indulge in experience.” Through Emma Luna’s fashion appearance, it is not difficult for us to feel the brand-new aesthetic deconstruction and fashion thinking embodied by Emma Technology in the field of electric vehicle design, which will greatly It has greatly changed people’s inherent impression of electric vehicles. In the future, Emma will continue to refresh consumers’ understanding of electric vehicles with more fashionable designs, continue to paint a fashionable travel picture full of infinite possibilities, and use innovation and creativity to enhance electric vehicle riding. Endless possibilities for living life.


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