Everbright Bank releases 2023 social responsibility (environmental, social and governance) report

Everbright Bank releases 2023 social responsibility (environmental, social and governance) report


  recently,Released by China Everbright BankChina Everbright Bank2023 Social Responsibility (Environmental, Social and Governance) Report,thisyesEverbright Bank ContinuousNo.14released in yearsocial responsibilityReport.Report FocusCore content and hot topics in the fields of “environment”, “society” and “governance”,The system presents China Everbright BankCharacteristic Responsibility Fulfillment Practice.In 2023, China Everbright Bank will fully implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the deployment of the Central Financial Work Conference, completely, accurately and comprehensively implement the new development concept, adhere to the “people-centered” value orientation, bear in mind the “greatest of the country”, and strengthen Responsible for the mission, support the development of the real economy, focus on the “five major articles”, and strive to build a professional, distinctive, influential and competitive state-owned joint-stock commercial bank.

  Explore a green future and paint a beautiful picture of China

  Everbright Bank practices the concept of green development and resolutely implements the national“Dual carbon” goal, integrating “green finance” into the bank’s development strategy,Formulate the China Everbright Bank’s Mid-term Action Plan for Green Finance (2022-2025)” “China Everbright Bank Green Finance, Environmental and Climate Risk Management Improvement Plan” and proposedMid-term work goals for addressing climate change and green finance: toIn 2027, the overall scale, services and products of green finance will be steadily improved, a “green finance +” comprehensive service system will be established, financial support tools will be enriched, and a differentiated and characteristic green finance brand with high market recognition will be formed..In 2023, Everbright Bank will continue to deepen green financial services, enrich green financial products, support the financing needs of enterprises in green energy-saving fields such as clean energy, clean transportation, pollution prevention and control, and help high-carbon enterprises transform to low-carbon and zero-carbon.Launched the first sustainable development-linked loan, innovativeCreate forest rights mortgage loans,digital credit cardwaitgreen financeproductand serviceachieving multiple“First order” landed.Green loan balance3137.62100 million yuan, increase57.44%;Green bond investment scale40.418 billion yuan, and the balance of green leasing business is 17.398 billion yuan.Continue to promote green office initiatives,Build green and low-carbon outlets and green data centers,Data show that the bank’s direct energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions continue to decline.

  Adhere to finance for the people and promote high-quality economic and social development

  China Everbright BankStrengthen the fight against major warsslightlyfinancial support for key areas and weak linksconstantly injecting into the real economy“Source of living water”, providing high-quality financial services to customers and society.Promote digital inclusive financial innovation,buildTen billions, hundreds of chains, hundreds of households“Inclusive ecological chain,Support the development of small and micro enterprises, as ofEnd of 2023,Inclusive small and micro enterprise loan balance379.133 billion yuan, an increase of 73.817 billion yuan over the end of the previous year, a growth rate of 24.18%;Continue to increase rural revitalizationoffinancial investment,aroundSupport the revitalization of the seed industryand other key areas,Continuously improve the ability of financial services for rural revitalization,upgrade“Sunshine Promotes Agriculture” brand, agriculture-related loan balance is 450.149 billion yuan.Adhere to finance for the people and serve customers with heart,Continuously improve the work system and mechanisms for protecting the rights and interests of financial consumers, build a comprehensive consumer protection work system, and actively carry outThe themed education and publicity campaign of “Sunshine Consumer Protection and Beautiful Companion” reached 367 million consumers.

  InternalizationESG value empowers a sustainable future

  In terms of top-level design, Everbright Bank continues to improveESG management system, optimizing the organizational structure and operating procedures at the three levels of “decision-making level – management level – execution level”, 2023, Everbright BankBoard of Directors,advancedManagement reviews and hears green finance, environmental and climate risk management, consumer rights protection, etc.A total of 151 ESG-related proposals;exist”Regarding the implementation of the Central Financial Work ConferenceSpiritoptimizationMeasures for the “14th Five-Year Plan” development strategy》 Incorporate social responsibility (ESG) philosophy and planning,andformulate2024YearThe key points of ESG work provide specific guidance for the whole bank to coordinate ESG work.,promoteESG concepts are fully integrated into management and operations.Continuously strengthen comprehensiveriskmanage,WillESG risks are integrated into the comprehensive risk management systemspecified in the bank’s risk appetiteDefinition of ESG riskandRisk preference content, and issued the “China Everbright Bank Environmental, Social and Governance Risk Management Policy”,WillESG risk management requirements are embedded in every aspect of the credit business. In 2023, the bank’s ESG management results were widely recognized, and MSCI’s ESG rating was upgraded to A-level and included in theHang Seng Mainland and Hong Kong Sustainability Corporate Index, Sustainability Corporate Benchmark Index,Published by Forbes China“2023 Forbes China ESG Innovative Enterprises”.

  focus onESG trends,promoteInformation disclosure professionalism

  ReportFocus on the substance of contentandDisclosureofprofessional,On the basis of meeting regulatory disclosure requirements, refer to the Global Reporting Initiative (Global Reporting Initiative)GRI) Sustainability Reporting StandardUnited Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)He MingshengDomestic and foreign standards such as ESG rating indicators furtherRichGot itDisclosure of economic, governance, environmental, social and other key performance indicators.The report shows that China Everbright Bank took the lead in adoptingInternational Sustainable Development Guidelines Council (ISSB)IFRS S1 and IFRS S2two newcriteria,first disclosed inESGmanageand climate-related risks and opportunitiesinformation on strategic policies, management measures, goals and progress, as well as carbon emission data of some companies in the eight high-carbon emission industries.as well asCarry out analysis and research on climate-related financial risksidentifyclimate riskpassCredit risk, market risk, liquidity riskand other traditional risksTransmission path to the financial systemscope of impact and development of corresponding risk response measures.respond fullyCapital market for listed companiesESGHigher requirements on the breadth and depth of information disclosure.

  In addition, the report also reflects China Everbright Bank’s achievements in improving corporate governance, empowering employee development, innovating cross-border finance, and engaging in public welfare undertakings.

  Everbright Bank willComprehensively implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the spirit of the Central Financial Work Conference, unswervingly follow the path of financial development with Chinese characteristics, be aware of responsibilities, shoulder responsibilities personally, perform responsibilities in deeds, forge ahead, and work together with all stakeholders to achieve symbiosis win-win situation and strive to contribute new resources to the construction of a financial powergreater power.


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