Hikvision Yunmu enterprise product solutions help enterprises digital transformation

Hikvision Yunmu enterprise product solutions help enterprises digital transformation


On March 29, Hikvision Yunmu’s corporate press conference was held online. At the meeting, Hikvision released a low-cost, quick-deployment, easy-to-install, easy-to-expand, and highly open Yunmo enterprise product solution, aiming to help manufacturing companies build a cloud-based digital operation production management platform and quickly carry out digital transformation.

  Cloud solutions accelerate digital transformation of manufacturing small and medium-sized enterprises

At the press conference, Hikvision Senior Vice President Xu Ximing delivered a keynote speech on “Hikvision Yunmo Enterprise Helps Enterprises Digital Transformation”, explaining in detail the launch of Hikvision Yunmo from aspects such as industry trends, industry chain development, and product core. The necessity and importance of enterprise product solutions.

Xu Ximing said that the digital transformation of enterprises is a general trend, especially the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises is receiving more attention. As enterprises upgrade their own automation and intelligent equipment, they have put forward higher requirements for the digitalization of management and operations. Since small and medium-sized enterprises will encounter problems such as lack of professional talents and heavy investment in information technology such as computer room equipment during the digital transformation process, cloud solutions have begun to play an increasingly important role in the transformation process.

In order to better help enterprises transform, Hikvision has transformed its past digital experience in serving manufacturing enterprises into the cloud and launched the Hikvision Yunmo enterprise product solution. Yunmo Enterprise takes cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, and Hikvision Guanlan’s large model as its underlying capabilities, combined with Hikvision’s rich intelligent IoT product matrix, and mainly targets the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises and the supply of leading enterprises. Chain pull-through, starting from five major aspects: quality management, production transparency, equipment management, industrial chain collaboration and factory management, helps enterprises improve the quality and efficiency of production links, ensure the safety of the production environment, and complete the convergence of the industrial chain.

  Connecting the main links of production and manufacturing to help enterprises improve quality, efficiency, safety, and chain integration

Quality management: Combining intelligent quality inspection technologies such as visual AI, X-ray, ultrasound, and thermal imaging and related product applications, Yunmo Enterprise provides efficient quality management tools. For the four major inspection scenarios of incoming materials, processes, finished products, and outgoing warehouses, through basic data such as inspection items, inspection plans, and defects, Yunmo Enterprise supports manual and AI quality inspection methods to record information on good and defective products in a timely manner. Managers can use the data dashboard to grasp the overall production quality of the workshop, and combine data and video records to locate links with quality problems and improve product quality.

Production transparency: Yunmo Enterprise uses Hikvision video AR enhancement technology to superimpose production data, equipment operation data, and environmental data on the production site on the basis of security videos to achieve one-picture AR workshop management, helping managers to instantly understand the workshop The production progress, production line data can be previewed in real time, and the video of the process can be played back and saved, so that when product quality problems occur, it can be quickly traced.

Equipment management: Yunmo enterprise equipment management application records equipment life cycle data through equipment structured ledgers, so that problems can be quickly investigated when problems arise. The equipment status visualization function supports enterprises to centralize the operation and maintenance status of equipment and the on-site operating environment into one picture for management, and monitor the equipment operating status in real time. In addition, based on the daily operation and maintenance data of the equipment, a cloud enterprise can analyze the operation status of the equipment in real time, proactively provide early warning when abnormalities are found, and reduce the impact of equipment shutdown on production.

Industry chain collaboration: In view of the pain points of medium and large enterprises with dispersed supply chains, high cost of offline manual factory audits, and difficulty in ensuring the timeliness and effectiveness of rectification, Yunmo Enterprise focuses on 6S workshop management, personnel operation specifications, process quality compliance, and visual traceability 4 The large field scene provides a complete set of inspection management solutions, including video inspection, inspection SOP, AI inspection, video management and positioning viewing and other tools to help downstream manufacturers achieve upstream supply chain production environment, personnel operating specifications, process quality and other key links. Inspection and implementation of collaborative production management.

Factory management: In view of the pain points of multiple and scattered park management links, Yunmo Enterprise Park supports video preview, playback, AI security warning, and supports the unified display of all park personnel, vehicles, IoT sensors, attendance and other data to help The enterprise management department can grasp the operation status of people, vehicles and materials in the park in real time to improve the operation and management level of the park.

In addition, as a SaaS platform, Yunmo Enterprise is also constantly expanding its open capabilities for ecological partners. Through the four-layer capabilities of IoT device access, standardized industry component APIs, aPaaS application services, and model-as-a-service, it opens up partners’ platforms. Meet user needs in more scenarios and achieve win-win cooperation with ecological partners.

  Hikvision Yunmu continues to serve digital management of chains, communities and schools

In addition to targeting manufacturing enterprises, Hikvision Yunmo also has profound experience in retail chains, smart communities, smart education and other fields.

Yunmo Chain has so far connected nearly 4 million devices and served more than 400,000 stores.

Yunmo Community, combined with the community edge all-in-one machine 6000c, has served more than 6,000 communities in the past two years.

Yunmo general education combined with education edge all-in-one machine 6000E has served more than 2,000 schools in the past year.

As the digital transformation of thousands of industries and industries accelerates, Hikvision Yunmo will be based on industry accumulation, provide platform support and contribute digital intelligence power to the digital transformation of more industries and fields.


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