The storm hit the counters! Anchovy prices skyrocketed

The storm hit the counters!  Anchovy prices skyrocketed

The price of anchovy, which was sold for 100 TL for 3 kilograms at the weekend, increased to 50 TL with the storm in the Black Sea.

Ahmet Çoğamış, one of the fishermen tradesmen, stated that anchovy has decreased due to the storm and said, “Due to the storm in the Black Sea, anchovy decreased and therefore its price increased. Two or three days ago, we were selling 3 kilograms for 100 TL, as of today, the price has gone up to 50 TL. Anchovy is generally caught between Hopa and Akçaabat. Our customers generally ask about anchovies, whiting, horse mackerel and bonito. “Fish is currently the most affordable fish in the market, so citizens’ demand for it is higher,” he said.


Stating that the price of anchovy has started to rise, Mehmet Örseloğlu, one of the fishermen, said: “The price of anchovy has started to rise slowly. Due to the rough seas, the price of anchovy is starting to rise. We sold 3 kilograms for 100 TL for the last two days, but today it is 50 TL per kilogram due to the bad weather since yesterday evening. “The reason for the price increase is that anchovies disappear when the weather suddenly gets bad,” he said.

Stating that anchovies are becoming scarce, Gökmen Aydın, one of the fishermen, said, “Today, we are selling anchovies for 50 TL per kilo because they are scarce.” The price of our other fish varieties is 50 TL for horse mackerel, 100 TL for whiting, 150 TL for salmon, 175 TL for sea bream, 75 TL for mullet, and 125 TL for trout. “Since coastal fishermen could not go to sea, some varieties, especially red mullet, did not arrive,” he said.

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