To enhance the digital intelligence capabilities of enterprises,’s “Human Resources Management Reform under the Digital Trend” was successfully held in Tianjin and Guangzhou

To enhance the digital intelligence capabilities of enterprises,’s “Human Resources Management Reform under the Digital Trend” was successfully held in Tianjin and Guangzhou


On March 29, 2024, the “Human Resources Management Transformation under the Digital Trend” hand-brew coffee experience event hosted by, with Jinyuan Talent, Jinyou GEO, and Jinyuan Chengchang as strategic partners, Guangzhou Station, Pao A Pot of Chinese Tea Experience Event·Tianjin Station was successfully held. The two events brought together many corporate executives and human resources experts to discuss the transformation of corporate human resources digital management and jointly help companies reduce costs, increase efficiency, and enhance competitiveness.

With the rapid development of scientific information technology, we are in an unprecedented digital era. In this era, new technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing are constantly emerging, profoundly affecting the way we live and work. As an important part of the enterprise’s production factor system, human resources are the most active operating resources. They follow the trend of the times and promote the digital and intelligent transformation of human resources management, seeking better market competitive advantages and longer-term development for enterprises. the road.

In the two events, Vice President of Operations Bai Miao and Director of Product Operations Department Cao Yong took “Human Resource Management Transformation under the Digital Trend – Intelligent Decision-making and Global Leadership” as the theme to analyze the policy orientation, market scale, The human resources digital transformation environment faced by multiple dimensions such as technological innovation, product iteration, and internal enterprise. With detailed practical case analysis, it systematically shares human resources digital solutions in many aspects such as recruitment strategies and employee management systems. adheres to technological innovation and independently develops three generative AI+HR products – Wutong Digital Employees, Wutong ATS and Wutong People. As an enterprise AI productivity tool, Wutong Digital Employee provides 30+ productivity scenarios internally, greatly improving employee productivity; externally it provides intelligent customer service and other services. While serving customers online 24 hours a day, it can also convert business opportunities and create revenue for the enterprise. Wutong ATS and Wutong People respectively focus on intelligent recruitment and employee life cycle management. They are deeply integrated with Wutong digital employees and access their Agent capabilities to achieve the decomposition, interface calling and execution of complex tasks. supports human resources services with technology, empowers human resources service practice with continuous innovation, and meets the human resource management needs of domestic and overseas enterprises.

At the event site, the participating corporate executives and HR leaders had in-depth exchanges and discussions, sharing their experiences and insights on the digitalization of human resources management while enjoying the good times together. The atmosphere was warm. In addition to having fun, the guests present deeply understood the importance of digital transformation in the field of human resources management, broadened their ideas on human resources management, and gained a deeper understanding of how to better utilize intelligent decision-making tools. 2024 “Human Resources Management Transformation under the Digital Trend” nationwide tour event covers Zhengzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Nanjing, Tianjin and other cities, inviting well-known scholars, business executives, legal experts, etc. to present representative Case analysis, forward-looking trend insights, and targeted strategic planning can help HR improve practical skills, help enterprises accelerate digital transformation, improve management efficiency, and develop steadily amidst the wave of globalization and fierce market competition. More cities are being unlocked one after another, please stay tuned.


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