Vox studies whether in the “plot” of the Tierra de Barros irrigation there are “indications” of “crime” by the Vara Government

Vox studies whether in the “plot” of the Tierra de Barros irrigation there are “indications” of “crime” by the Vara Government

The Councilor for Forest Management and Rural World of the Board, Ignacio Higuero, has announced that Vox lawyers are studying whether in the “plot” of the previous PSOE regional government in the Tierra de Barros irrigation project “There were indications that those responsible and their accomplices had committed a crime defined in the Penal Code, such as forgery, prevarication, destruction of documents, embezzlement or failure to promote the prosecution of a crime.”

“There is no doubt in your mind that if we see that some type of crime may occur, we will go to the end so that whoever has to pay will pay,” Higuero told the socialists during his appearance this Thursday in the plenary session of the Assembly at his own request. to address the situation of the Tierra de Barros irrigation project.

Thus, he has pointed out that They are not going to “forgive” the socialists who have “swindled more than 1,200 families” of said region with a project “fully knowing that it was not a reality but a chimera”, and for which he has demanded that the PSOE that “if they have any shame left” ask for “sincere forgiveness” from the representatives of the irrigation community from Tierra de Barros.

At this point, at community of irrigators has sent him the message that, as he “promised” the first time he met with it, the Board will fight “to the end” and “together” with them so that the irrigation of Tierra de Barros “can become In fact”.

“You have all our support. I don’t know when it will be, but through transparency and intimate communication with you we will fight for this new irrigation with the technical, political and legal tools that we have. Against the Ministry of Ecological Transition to modify the irrigation plans. basin and allows the necessary infrastructure to be built so that water is distributed fairly and they never lack it,” he told the irrigators.

He has also said that they will write and present the reports required of them to the Guadiana Hydrographic Confederation; as well as that they will confront in Brussels “against the radical dogmatic environmentalists who deny us bread and salt and destroy our future.”

Meetings in Brussels

Likewise, the counselor has indicated that at his meeting the next day February 14th in Brussels with the European Commissioner for Agriculture Janus Wojciechowski, and Elvira Becker (Directorate General of Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Commission), will try to involve them in the “imperative need” for irrigation in the Tierra de Barros region.

“Extremadura farmers are once again the victims of the lies and deception of the PSOE, in addition to being the sufferers of the ideological impositions of the European regulations, Agenda 2030 and the European Green Deal, drafted by radical environmentalists who condemn the rural world and thousands of families, and that suffocate farmers,” he noted.

Finally, Higuero has also highlighted that farmers and ranchers have “woken up” in the “immense” majority of European countries, including Spain in a “massive” way, has conveyed to them its “maximum support”, and has encouraged them to continue in their “movements without rest until breaking the irrational dogmatism of Brussels and the Ministry of Ecological Transition”.

At this point, he asked if the PSOE and Brussels cannot apply an “amnesty” for the 1,200 families from Tierra de Barros involved in the irrigation project in the region.

“I ask… Is there no amnesty from the PSOE or from Brussels for the region of Tierra de Barros and for those 1,200 families who, like us (the Board) long for the project (of irrigation of Tierra de Barros)?, he concluded Fig tree.


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