With more than 150,000 bottles released, how did the Indian Ocean win the Grand Slam?

With more than 150,000 bottles released, how did the Indian Ocean win the Grand Slam?


The first shot of the 2024 “offensive” was fired.

At this spring sugar event, Indian Ocean attracted great attention from the industry with its “busy figure” and impressive results. During this period, Indian Ocean not only sponsored 9 forums and 30 dinners, but also won three awards in one fell swoop, demonstrating its strong brand strength and market influence.

As a leading brand in the hangover cure market, Indian Ocean has always been committed to promoting the development and innovation of drinking companions. This Spring Sugar, Indian Ocean actively conducted in-depth exchanges and interactions with many famous wine brands, experts and scholars in the industry, and dealers by sponsoring forums, dinners, exhibition tastings, etc. This not only enhances Indian Ocean’s brand exposure, but also brings more market opportunities and cooperation possibilities.


  Indian Ocean, a bit “busy”

A review of the activity trajectory of the Indian Ocean during the Spring Festival can be summed up by the word “busy”.

During the Spring Festival, the Indian Ocean frequently appeared in major forums. At the Liquor Aesthetics Ceremony, 2024 (13th) China Liquor Industry Market Forum, China Liquor Industry Huaxia Awards Ceremony, Renhuai Maotai Liquor Dealers Conference and New Product Launch, 2024 Regional Famous Liquor Development Private Board Meeting, 2024 Sohu Liquor Through in-depth exchanges and discussions with experts and scholars in the industry at 9 Spring Candy related forums including the Grand Prize and Spring Candy Night Daily Economic News, Indian Ocean not only demonstrated its professional strength and innovative capabilities in the field of hangover relief, It also actively absorbs the latest developments and trends in the industry, providing strong support for the development of the Indian Ocean.

In terms of dinner sponsorship, Indian Ocean has demonstrated its unique marketing charm. More than 30 dinner parties were held at Xijiu, Guotai, Zhenjiu, Renhuai Maoxiang Wine, Anjiu, Diaoyutai, Fenyang Wang, Song Dynasty Guanjiao, Huangtai, Datang Wine, Qiao Family Courtyard, Dukang, Five Star Sauce Wine, etc. On the forum, Indian Ocean has been recognized and praised by many guests. This method of tasting drinks through dinner not only allows more people to learn about Indian Ocean’s products and brands, but also wins more reputation and market share for Indian Ocean.

“During this spring candy, Indian Ocean invested a total of 150,000 bottles of products through various methods such as exhibition distribution, dinner tasting, forum sponsorship, etc.” the relevant person in charge emphasized.

In addition to sponsoring forums and dinners, India Ocean also won three major awards at this spring candy: “The Most Benchmark Value Brand in 2023”, “The Most Growth Valuable Brand in 2023” and “Liquor Industry Co-Creation Empowerment Model Award” . This is not only recognition of Indian Ocean’s brand strength and market performance, but also affirmation of its leading position on the hangover cure track. Winning these awards will further enhance Indian Ocean’s trust and favorability in the minds of consumers, laying a solid foundation for the brand’s long-term development.

There is no doubt that for Indian Ocean, Spring Sugar is not only a platform to showcase brand strength and expand the market, but also an important opportunity for in-depth exchanges and cooperation with both inside and outside the industry. By actively participating in various activities of Spring Sugar, Indian Ocean not only enhances brand awareness and reputation, but also accumulates valuable experience and resources for future development.


  The value of “busy”

The benefits of busyness are also intuitive. Indian Ocean’s series of actions during the Spring Sugar Period also further promoted the brand’s new vitality and high-quality development.

The Indian Ocean’s “busyness” is well-targeted. “Spring Sugar, as an annual event in the industry, is an excellent opportunity to showcase brand strength and expand market share. India Ocean clearly defined the target audience and market demand at the beginning of the event planning, and formulated a targeted marketing strategy.” Relevant responsible person So said the man.

For example, during the exhibition distribution phase, India Ocean demonstrated the unique charm and advantages of its products to exhibitors and consumers by setting up a dedicated display area and interactive experience area. Through on-site tastings and explanations, Indian Ocean successfully attracted a large number of audience attention and inquiries, further enhancing brand awareness and reputation.

The “busyness” of the Indian Ocean has a significant effect. Indian Ocean has always focused on product innovation and research and development, launching high-quality hangover products that meet market demand. It is precisely with excellent products that Indian Ocean can stand out in the fierce market competition and win the favor and trust of consumers.

For example, the three awards won at this spring candy show are a high recognition of the Indian Ocean brand’s strength and market performance. Among them, the winning of the “Most Benchmark Valuable Brand in 2023” award proves Indian Ocean’s benchmark status in the hangover industry, and its brand value and influence have been widely recognized by the industry; while the “Most Growth Valuable Brand in 2023” award “The presentation of the award is an affirmation of India Ocean’s strong growth potential in the hangover cure market; the “Liquor Industry Co-Creation and Empowerment Model Award” is a recognition of India Ocean’s contribution to the development of the wine industry’s co-creation and empowerment industry. praise.

It is worth mentioning that Indian Ocean promotes product innovation and upgrading with keen market insight and forward-looking strategic vision. With its advanced scientific research technology, efficient brand operation and strong channel penetration, it quickly grew into the number one brand of drinking companions in half a year, achieving a surge in value. Indian Ocean’s success lies not only in its excellent market performance, but also in its deep understanding and precise grasp of consumer needs.

According to the relevant person in charge, as the hangover cure market continues to expand and consumer demands become increasingly diverse, Indian Ocean will continue to uphold the core values ​​of innovation, quality and service, increase investment in research and development, optimize product structure, and enhance brand image. Provide consumers with higher quality and more efficient hangover products. At the same time, Indian Ocean will also actively participate in industry exchanges and cooperation to promote the healthy development of the hangover industry and bring consumers a better drinking experience.

When the attention is focused on Chun Tang’s activities, Indian Ocean’s outstanding performance and honorary blessings not only demonstrate its brand strength and market influence, but also indicate its leading position and future development potential on the new track of hangover relief. It can be believed that in the future, the Indian Ocean will usher in broader development prospects and bring more surprises and gains to consumers.


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