Castilla y León asks the Government to negotiate with the autonomies the distribution of the deficit limit

Castilla y León asks the Government to negotiate with the autonomies the distribution of the deficit limit

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Carlos Fernández Carriedo, has insisted on the need for the Government of the nation to negotiate with the autonomous communities the distribution of the deficit limit for 2024, which he now sees as “clearly unbalanced” since the central Executive “is “remains” with 95 percent of all new debt capacity compared to 3 percent of the autonomies “despite having very important powers in the main public services.”

“If you do not have the consensus of the autonomous communities or Parliament, the truth is that There is a Government that governs with its back turned”the counselor has reproached the Executive that today will approve the deficit and debt objectives in the Council of Ministers after the PP overthrew them in the Senate.

Fernández Carriedo recalled that most of the autonomous communities have demanded a better balance and has assured that in the specific case of the Junta de Castilla y León they are open to dialogue so has requested a convocation of the Fiscal and Financial Policy Council to try to reach an agreement with the autonomous communities “so that there is a more reasonable distribution” compared to the current one which, according to what he insisted, “is not very balanced.”

“Therefore,” he reiterated, “what we would ask the Government to do is to meet us, convene us, and even do so before approving this new deficit scenario to have greater social consensus.”

The counselor made these statements to questions from journalists before participating in the information day on PERTE Decarbonization aid held in Valladolid and has confirmed that the Board will present the draft budget for 2024 in February based on the data agreed upon in the last Fiscal and Financial Policy Council in which, as he also recalled, the majority of the autonomous communities voted against.

“Our idea is not to have to wait for these national parliamentary procedures – the processing of the deficit again – and not to delay this project any longer and therefore present it this month,” he stated.


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