Law proposal for retirees from CHP

Law proposal for retirees from CHP

CHP Ankara Deputy and Member of the Constitutional Commission of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, Umut Akdoğan, in his statement, gave information about the bill proposal they submitted to the Turkish Grand National Assembly. Stating that they have prepared a Bill on Issuing Retirement Cards to Retirees and Making Changes in Some Laws regarding the “Unified Retirement Card”, which CHP Chairman Özgür Özel shared with the public, Akdoğan called for the Parliament to immediately enact the proposal.

In the 5-article bill, it is envisaged that retirees will be given a “Pensioner Card”, which has the characteristics of a bank card. In the proposal, the electricity, natural gas and water fees to be accrued by municipalities for “Pensioner Card” holders used in their residences will be charged at a tariff to be determined, not including a discount of less than 40 percent, bonuses equal to one month’s net minimum wage will be paid to retirees during holidays, and retirees will benefit from public services completely free of charge. provisions are included.

In the justification of the proposal, it was underlined that income inequality is gradually growing and it was noted that Turkey is the country with the highest income inequality in the EU. In the justification, it was stated that the difference between the minimum wage and the lowest pension has reached the highest level in the last 21 years, and it was emphasized that the purchasing power of retirees is decreasing day by day in the face of increasing costs due to inflation, and it was stated that it was aimed to make legal regulations on this issue within the scope of the understanding of the social state of law.

Akdoğan noted the following in his assessment of the issue:

“We say that my Aunt Ayşe, my sister Fatma, my grandfather Ahmet, and my uncle Ali should not count the 3 cents when they go to the market, and should not think about the natural gas bill and turn down the combi boiler when they are cold. We say that grandfathers and grandmothers should not be upset or worried about what pocket money they will give to their grandchildren when they come for the holidays. AK Party members always follow tradition. They talk about being local and national, but when it comes to the truth of the matter, their eyes are blind, their ears are deaf, their tongues are dumb. Eid is no longer a holiday. The price of the candy you keep for treats has gone crazy. The prices of iftar dinners during Ramadan are expensive, retirees are making money during Eid. These are also out. 2 “He is proud to have increased the retirement bonus they gave from 1,000 TL to 3,000 TL. One would at least refrain from calling this amount a holiday bonus out of respect for the elderly.”


Pointing out that 10 million of approximately 15 million retirees in Turkey receive pensions below the hunger threshold, Akdoğan emphasized that the government is unaware of the bazaar, market and citizens. Emphasizing that the citizens are getting poorer day by day and the situation of the retirees is miserable, Akdoğan said, “There are those who take care of their children, those who work when they are sick, and those who get help from neighbors. Contractors that the government has fattened with all its wealth, international interest lobbies and loan sharks that they know. If they are in a good mood, the government is also in a good mood. If you are truly a local and national government, you will cut off the hose that you have been pouring on contractors, international interest lobbies and loan sharks, and pass it on to your citizens and retirees. You will not condemn people to poverty, hunger and misery in the second spring of their lives, when they will enjoy retirement. There is no time to waste or stop for our retirees. “There is a time,” he said.

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