On World Autism Day, One Foundation Blue Action advocates to support the social integration of autism groups

On World Autism Day, One Foundation Blue Action advocates to support the social integration of autism groups

April 2, 2024 is the 17th World Autism Day. Shenzhen One Foundation Charity Foundation launched the “One Foundation Blue Action” for the 13th consecutive year, with the theme of “More Than This Sky is Blue”, and joined hands with more than 50 companies Together with Internet platforms, hundreds of media partners, 365 social organizations and charity groups, and about 200 public figures including Yang Mi, the charity ambassador of the One Foundation Ocean Paradise Project, we jointly launched an initiative: together we support autistic groups to integrate into independent and comfortable community life, and A call to action for the public to create accessible community support environments for autistic people of all ages and their families.

Let the community become the starting point for autistic groups to integrate into society

It is estimated that there are more than 10 million people with autism spectrum disorder in my country, but they are rarely encountered in life. For various reasons, autistic people are often “hidden”, and many families do not want to be “labeled”. The neighborhood is the first supportive environment a child with autism needs to get out of the house and integrate into society.

In a social environment of respect, tolerance and acceptance, autistic people can equally receive education, employment and realize their own social value. In 2022, a “Heart Youth Water Station” was opened in a community in Xi’an. A group of young people with mental disabilities, with the support of employment counselors and volunteers, started delivering water. After almost two years, they have received many positive comments from neighbors in the community. People discovered that “it turns out that these children are different from what they thought before.” This group of young people naturally became part of the community through their own efforts.

In 2024, One Foundation Blue Action hopes to join hands with government departments, enterprises, social organizations (caring teams), media, autistic people and family caregivers to promote community properties, schools, hospitals, public transportation, shopping malls and supermarkets, restaurants and clothing stores Community residents in public settings such as express stations, barber shops, bookstores, banks, amusement parks, parks and sports venues have taken action together to create a barrier-free community support environment for autistic people of all ages and their families, and to help alleviate loneliness. To enable people with autism spectrum disorder to participate in and integrate into autonomous and comfortable community life.

Paying attention to the autism community should become the norm, not just for this day

Around World Autism Day in 2024, about 200 public figures and 365 social organizations (charity groups) across the country will join the One Foundation Blue Action, turning their avatars blue, customizing advocacy posters, integrating high-fives, clicking blue landmarks, and launching art exhibitions. A variety of online and offline advocacy activities, such as charity sales, charity walks, and charity walks, call on the public to pay attention to and support the autistic group.

As World Autism Day approaches, Yang Mi, the charity ambassador of One Foundation’s Ocean Paradise Project, visited the autism rehabilitation center to learn about the children’s situation from the teachers, exchanged gifts with the children, and planted plant seeds symbolizing “hope” together.

During the Blue Action, social organization partners of the One Foundation Ocean Paradise Project and 170 One Foundation children’s service stations in 18 provinces across the country carried out activities such as watching the movie “Ocean Paradise”, writing a wish list for a better community, and looking for “blue” friends in the community. Accompanied by family members and volunteers, autistic people send blue stickers expressing gratitude and friendship to community stores that have supported them. Many social organizations and caring teams use interesting interactions and activities to popularize autism-related knowledge in communities, parks and other public places.

The theme of Blue Action in 2024 is “More Than This Sky is Blue.” Staff from the One Foundation said that facing the needs and challenges of autistic people and their families throughout their life cycle requires long-term, systematic and coordinated efforts from all sectors of society. To jointly respond from the perspective of autism, attention and actions for the autism group should be normalized and cannot stop on World Autism Day. The One Foundation launched the “Ocean Paradise Project” in 2011, focusing on people with mental disabilities, and launched the “Blue Action” large-scale public advocacy campaign in 2012. Since its launch in 2012, One Foundation Blue Action has united more than 730 social organizations across the country to carry out thousands of online and offline advocacy activities in 262 cities, striving to create a friendly community environment for autism groups. From its launch in 2011 to the end of 2023, the “One Foundation Ocean Paradise Plan” has joined hands with more than 600 social organizations in 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) across the country to help more than 719,000 children and youth with special needs and 976,000 family caregivers improve their plight.

Social integration, every one of you is important

Creating a barrier-free social integration environment requires everyone’s participation. Letting the true voice of the autism community be heard by more people has been the long-standing wish of One Foundation Blue Action. On World Autism Day 2024, One Foundation joins forces with Tencent Charity, Alibaba Charity, Alipay Charity, ByteDance Charity, Sina Micro Charity, Bilibili Charity, China Mobile Charity, Ping An Charity, Yibao Charity, Shuidi Charity, and Mango Internet public fundraising platforms such as Charity and Xiaomi Charity, as well as charity communication partners such as Mango TV, Xiaohongshu Charity, Zhihu, and Tencent E-Sports, jointly speak out for autistic people and their families.

This year, the One Foundation continues to collaborate with Tencent Charity to launch the “Give a Star a Big Red Flower” Little Red Flower Day, inviting various social forces to create autism-themed short video content through project small tasks on the WeChat video account, and promote the Autism Boy Xuan Xuan’s dream-come-true theme video, director Weng Yu’s autism-themed documentary film “Special You” and other content, and launched a popular science question and answer challenge to pay attention to the family support system and social integration of autistic people.

At the same time, One Foundation actively participated in the Autism Day themed activities launched by Alibaba Charity Platform and Renren 3 Hours Platform, and spoke for the autistic group through pictures and texts, shopping short videos, Taobao live broadcasts, Aineng Community, etc.; Alibaba Charity The platform also links the platform’s caring merchants and Xianyu users to join the charity baby plan and support the One Foundation Ocean Paradise Plan charity project.

In the World Autism Day event jointly launched by Alipay Charity Platform and Ant Manor, One Foundation invited more caring users to pay attention to and support autism groups and their families through real and vivid content dissemination.

On April 2, One Foundation participated in the #HelloStarsChildren topic event launched by ByteDance Charity, and invited Douyin loving creator @陈泽@B太@安秋金@科明@2rice Bucket@一在xishuangbanna Many experts such as the rabbit@yimengling@budding bear@landlord’s cat@autismxuanxuan participated in the release of short videos, and invited businesses to participate to create a community environment friendly to autistic people. In addition, One Foundation also participated in the “Hello Star’s Children” urban charity event held at Xinhu Plaza, Happy Coast, Nanshan District, Shenzhen from March 30 to April 2, calling on the public to work together to help groups with mental disabilities.

The One Foundation and Bilibili Charity launched the #OneFund Blue Action topic activity, inviting UP owners to join in and carry out activities such as “Become Blue Together”, “Speak Together” and “Discuss Together” to call on more public to understand and accept autism. .

The One Foundation, in conjunction with Mango TV members and Mango Charity Platform, launched the #StarsNotAlone campaign to provide members with online booking benefits for autistic people and their families, and played autism science videos on the platform to call on Mango caring netizens to participate.

Tencent e-sports and LPL League of Legends Professional League, KPL Honor of Kings Professional League, PEL Peace Elite Professional League, CFPL Cross Fire Professional League, combined with league e-sports players to jointly speak out on World Autism Day, each league added blue to the competition on that day Elements, promote the Blue Action science promotion video, and call on the audience to have a deeper understanding of the autism community.

The One Foundation and Xiaohongshu Charity launched the #OneFund Blue Action topic activity, inviting various creators including “cute pets” to post photos and videos with blue elements and tell the stories of autistic people around them. Express understanding and support for the autism community.

One Foundation Blue Action comes to you

Seeing is the first step to eliminating misunderstandings. The One Foundation has joined forces with supporting partners such as Tencent Charity Foundation, Xianyu, Mentholatum China (Pharmaceutical) Co., Ltd., Lihe Weiwei, Ant Manor, Kaisa Commercial, Kaisa Culture and Sports Technology, Kaisa Hotel, Kaisa Wonderful Group, Cainiao, Wanda Plaza, Dadi Cinema Group, Aeon Group’s shopping malls and GMS formats, 1Diandian Milk Tea, Nanjing Dapaidang Charity Parent-child School, indoor parent-child amusement brand MELAND, Tianhong Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Sea World, LeTV, Chenguang Charity, Jiumu Sundries Club, Rong Wanjia Services, 58.com (Group), Maitian Real Estate, Tianxingcheng, IKEA Jinan Shopping Mall, Mango Interactive Entertainment, Mango MCITY, Changsha Joy City, Wallace, Nalan·Richa Night Wine, City Window, etc. Love advocacy partners use various online and offline methods to help the general public gain a deeper understanding of the autism community in every daily scene of life.

During Operation Blue, the buildings of 31 city landmark squares in Wanda Plaza turned blue, and World Autism Day promotional posters were played on the large screens of more than 300 Wanda Plazas, calling on more businesses, consumers and the general public to pay attention to the autistic group.

MELAND, an indoor parent-child amusement brand, joined hands with One Foundation to hold a “Blue Charity Day” in 8 stores in 8 cities, inviting autistic families to visit the park together. It also collaborated with more than 100 MELAND stores and member communities across the country to carry out advocacy activities.

Kaisa’s three major business, cultural, sports and technology, and hotel sectors have held various activities such as illustration exhibitions, movie viewings, and concerts in 18 cities across the country. Kaisa Wonderful Group has launched autism-themed public service advertisements in 177 communities in 72 cities. Involve residents in surrounding communities to support autism groups.

Mango Interactive Entertainment, Mango MCITY, and Changsha Joy City jointly participated in Blue Action and invited many public figures to speak out; Mango MCITY organized free viewing of the autism-themed movie “Ocean Paradise” in Changsha and Shanghai, and Changsha Joy City collaborated Merchants hold autistic children-themed painting exhibitions to let more public understand the inner world of autistic people.

In the future, One Foundation Blue Action will continue to work with all sectors of society to continue to promote social acceptance and help children with special needs and their families enjoy a dignified, barrier-free and quality social life.

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