Rhone. Flan competition at the Lyon fair: and the winners are…

Rhone.  Flan competition at the Lyon fair: and the winners are…


Because there’s not just chocolate in life, there’s flan too, a competition for this slightly outdated pastry took place Monday evening at the Lyon fair. It was chef Fabrice Bonnot who organized the event surrounded by jurors like Mercotte, and influencers who are experts in flan Benjamin of the flanterie And Juchamalo.

Sixteen candidates were selected from 90 applications. They had to make a flan in one hour and another flan, prepared the day before, also counted for the reward. Specifications (height 6 cm, diameter 24 cm) had been redefined by Fabrice Bonnot. Four prizes were awarded (amateur, young amateur under 17, creative professional and the professional with a classic flan). Here are the results :

Candidates in the “young amateurs” category (under 17 years old): Gabin Labbé. Candidates in the “amateur” category (over 17 years old): Angélique Ferreira. Candidates in the “traditional professional” category: Rosella Claire/Alma by Marvin Brandao

Candidates in the “creative professionals” category: Caroline Beugnot/Apoline Cake Design.

A flan bar allowed the public to taste slices of flan in all flavors on site. And as Fabrice Bonnot is very committed to his association Envie d’un smile, the sales of flans will once again support the Femme, Mère enfant hospital.


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