Marc Fesneau welcomes “a significant step”, but we must “go further”

Marc Fesneau welcomes “a significant step”, but we must “go further”

“A significant step has been taken”, assures this Saturday morning Marc Fesneau, on Franceinfo. “Has everything been sorted?” Probably not. But we start from a base price which is still more in line with the image we can have of the remuneration that milk producers must receive. »

The world number one in Lactalis milk and the organization bringing together the majority of French breeders who supply it have announced this Friday having found “an agreement on the price of milk” for the 1er quarter 2024: 425 euros per 1,000 liters for basic milk, or five euros more than the manufacturer’s last proposal.

“I am not a Soviet”

“This is the base price, 425 euros,” specifies the Minister of Agriculture. “Usually there are increases or bonuses linked to the quality of the milk. At the start of the negotiations, we started with a price of 405 euros…” And continued: “I am faced with an agreement which is also welcomed by the national association of milk producers. I am not a Soviet, so I am not going to interfere in a negotiation that a certain number of partners consider to be going in the right direction. »

Marc Fesneau recognizes, however, that it will “undoubtedly be necessary to go further” and that discussions “will continue”.

The conflict between the French agri-food leader and the National Union of Livestock Breeders Lactalis (Unell), which represents 60% of its conventional milk suppliers, has fueled in recent weeks the anger of farmers.

Announcements on farmers’ retirement to come

Asked about the Agricultural centrewhich ends this Sunday, Marc Fesneau returned to the whistles and egg throwing of which he was the targetwith Christophe Béchu, Friday: “There were around twenty of them. We must not boil down to a minority, even if it is active, the reality of what I have perceived on the aisles over the past eight days. »

Concerning the retirement of farmers, and taking into account the best 25 years and not the last, Marc Fesneau assures that the government is “working to find a balance”, “in the weeks and months to come”. “We must go further on pension reform. »

“I have been at the Show for eight days and I have met people who had demands, concerns, and who have expressed their requests,” added the minister. “Many tell us “we know that you work, that you act”. Things are progressing, but as it is a multifaceted crisis, it may take a long time. »

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