Rail Pass for young people: the Minister of Transport calls on the three recalcitrant regions to accept the system

Rail Pass for young people: the Minister of Transport calls on the three recalcitrant regions to accept the system


The Rail Passannounced in September by Emmanuel Macron and supposed to allow young people to under 27 years old to travel on Intercités and TER everywhere in France from this summer against a monthly subscription at 49 euros, is in trouble. The fault, according to the government, lies with three regions which are reluctant to implement it: Normandy, Hauts-de-France and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

On France info, the Minister of Transport, Patrice Vergriete, launched an appeal this Wednesday to the presidents of these regions, Hervé Morin, Xavier Bertrand and Laurent Wauquiez, to accept this system.

“Unless there is a change of direction from the regional presidents, today, we cannot be operational in 2024 (…) there will be no rail pass this summer,” said the minister.

“We have to move forward quickly. We took the lead by asking the SNCF to prepare the technical tools for sale, but they are starting to get impatient, we confide in the ministry. Otherwise, we will have a lesser impact and reach fewer people. »

A “gift” to the government

While the Occitanie region led by Carole Delgas (PS) is in favor, several regions such as Normandy, Hauts-de-France, Pays de la Loire, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes are slowing down and denouncing what they call a “communication coup”, the result of an “erratic” transport policy.

“Emmanuel Macron first announced it without consulting us, then Patrice Vergriete narrowed the ambition to an experiment in July and August… Why would we go and give the government a gift for a project that may have no future? », Criticized Hervé Morin, president (Les Centrists) of Normandy. “They want to make a move for the Olympic Games, but we are not going to waste our time on something that has neither tail nor head,” added Christophe Coulon, LR vice-president of transport in Hauts-de-France. .

Another point of tension is financing. The cost of the device is estimated at 15 million euros. Initially, according to estimates, 8 million would have been the responsibility of the State and 7 million for the regions but with different losses depending on the region. To obtain the support of all regions, in particular those which have the most to lose, Patrice Vergriete agreed to give up on revenues. Ultimately, the State will finance 80% of the measure.


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